Mysterious metal monoliths in Turkey and the Congo

At the end of last year metallic monoliths began to appear without explanation in different parts and cities of the world. This year in The congo Y Turkey The same has happened and one has been found in each country.

In the case of Turkey, last Friday, in the province of Sanliurfa, a farmer reported the discovery of a metal block, which had written a text in old Turkish with the legend “Look at the sky, look at the moon.” The monolith is approximately three meters high, and was found near the site Cultural heritage of Humanity, Gobekli Tepe, which is famous for its megalithic constructions dating from the 10th century BC. C., that is, thousands of years older than the famous Stonehenge, in UK.

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Authorities reviewed video from security cameras, as well as investigated which vehicles may have transported the monument. Everything indicates that those responsible will be the same artists who have exhibited monoliths in other parts, the collective The Most Famous Artist.

As for the Congo, the monolith that appeared in the Barrio bandal, From the capital Kinshasa, had a nice ending. Videos that circulated on social media showed that it was set on fire by various people.

It was on Sunday morning that the mysterious monolith was seen for the first time. At first, people approached curious and many even became selfies with him, as well as there were several debates about his origin. However, shortly thereafter, residents gathered to beat up the sculpture; then set it on fire.

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Some of the inhabitants claimed that the structure surprised them and reminded them of documentaries about Freemasons and illuminatis. Others claimed that on Saturday, the day before the monolith appeared, they saw people digging a hole in the roundabout, making an alien visit unlikely. Whether for one belief or another, the structure burned.

This monolith could be the one with a painful end compared to its contemporaries of Turkey, England, Romania and the United States. The possibility of new ones appearing in the days or months to come is not ruled out. It will be interesting to see how the population that finds them reacts.


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