‘Mythic Quest’ season 2 trailer on Apple TV + continues to satirize how video games are made

Beyond the epic of ‘For all Humanity’ (which has just premiered its second season) and the multi-award winning ‘The Morning Show‘, the Apple TV + catalog has a few not-too-seen gems that are worth recovering. ‘Mythic Quest’, whose second season already has a trailer, is one of them: a series co-produced by Ubisoft and set in the chaotic environment of a video game design studio.

The company where this kind of ‘The Office’ of the MMORPG era is set has created a successful game, ‘Mythic Quest’, and In this new batch of episodes, they face the dilemma of launching a new expansion that replicates the success of the first, ‘Feast of Crows’. From this teaser we can already see the company’s creative tandem at work: creative director Ian (Rob McElhenney, also one of the authors of the series) and newly promoted co-director Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao).

Making a video game has never been so complicated

For the rest, life seems to continue the same behind the scenes of ‘Mythic Quest’: we know that the relationship between the testers will continue and that the balance between the creative and the economic part of the company will continue to be tested. All while the studio faces constant obstacles, which in the first season were from Nazi invasions of the server to beardless youtubers with enormous prescriptive power.

‘Mythic Quest’ is set up as a sitcom in an absolutely contemporary setting, but it gave us a couple of very pleasant surprises in its first season: first, Episode 5, about the making of ‘Silent and Dark Death’, which can be viewed independently the rest and casts a disenchanted look at the industry. Second, the great episode shot by videoconference during the quarantine between seasons. Hopefully this time ‘Mythic Quest’ will surprise us again in the same way.

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