NASA films the mysterious UFO after the ISS for 20 minutes

The strange “cone-shaped” UFO that follows the ISS (YouTube / ET Data Base)

The cameras on board the International Space Station (ISS) have collected a strange cone-shaped object in orbit around the Earth.

The inexplicable object seems to keep up with the space station while the cameras get stuck on it for over 20 minutes.

Of course, the footage was collected and disseminated in parts of the Internet dedicated to the discussion of alien technology. By further dismantling the flames of the conspiracy, the camera zooms in on the object at some point suggesting that NASA is aware of its presence.

In order for the bus-sized object to keep up with the ISS, it should travel at around 78 kilometers per second.

The footage was collected and shared on a YouTube channel called ET Data Base hosted by the well-known UFO observer Scott C. Waring

‘This is NASA’s zoom on the UFO, not on me’, Warnings on the movie. ‘They are as disconcerted as I am. They don’t know what it is or why it is there. ‘

Object appears to be in step with the ISS (YouTube / ET Data Base)

‘During the feed, they mention the coordinates and this could be a secret code regarding the position of the object. They don’t want to be too obvious. “

Describing the footage, Waring added: ‘It appears to be cone-shaped. I have never seen a form in this form.

‘He doesn’t like any type of object I’ve seen before. If it’s military, then it’s a secret US aviation technology. “

Although it is highly unlikely that it is evidence of any kind of alien encounter, the idea that it is military technology is not that far-fetched.

The US Air Force has a small autonomous plane called the X-37B that conducts intelligence operations from orbit. Built by Boeing and piloted remotely, the aircraft – also known as the Orbital Test Vehicle – is on a mission that the United States will only describe as “classified”.

It is able to remain in the air for months at a time and rarely goes down for maintenance.

Personnel in autonomous atmospheric protective suits perform initial checks on the X-37B orbital test vehicle (Reuters)

In Britain, the RAF made the decision to liquidate its UFO unit in 2009, after concluding that in more than 50 years, no reports received had ever revealed any evidence of a potential threat.

Previously, unit records had been given to the National Archives, often initially classified before being published after a specified number of years. The most recent reports received by the RAF will be posted online following a request from the Freedom of Information Act.

But members of the public who report alleged UFO sightings are now headed to their local police force.

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