The popular Fortnite player Nate & # 39; s Nate Hill & # 39; s; Hill prevailed at Epic Games, claiming that developers do not care how to compete, and that he lost nearly $ 200,000 due to issues.

Although Fortnite has existed since 2017 and has an incredible $ 30,000,000 World Cup event, it is still a relatively new sport compared to other sports such as League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Unlike these, the Battle Royale title revolves around a random number generator (RNG) system, which means that no two matches should be the same. However, this can and does have some negative effects on games. While it is Epic Games' responsibility to make changes, professionals like Nate Hill believe that they simply "do not care".

YouTube: Nate Hill

Nate Hill has been playing against Fortnite since its inception.

During his stream on November 9, the FaZe clan star played in the Fortnite Championship Series when problems arose and the teams missed important qualifying points. The developers did not publish an update for about an hour, which frustrated the pros and made Nate comment.

"It keeps happening and they do not fix it and they do not care, I always have to remember it," he said, "I'm not even so upset because I know it does not interest them, I've gotten over it , It was issued today when they botched the tournament, and for a full and complete hour, no overall conclusions were made about what happened. "

Hill was not finished there, though, as he continued. "The biggest hit in the face of a professional was when he took away the points, but not all." So some teams have to keep their extra game. "

The claim against Epic came after the Fortnite professional discussed the broader issues affecting the competitive game.

"As I told you a couple of times, I lost nearly $ 200,000 in prize money, which is a lot of money because Epic is incompetent," he added.

While the RNG and the general nature of the Battle Royale title cause frustration to occur, further problems will only persist in one form or another.

As for the lost points from the 9/11 event, Epic has confirmed that teams that lack FNCS points will be added to them before the second week's final, but that will certainly cause controversy with teams that do not have their ranking know.