Nationstar Mortgage against Kasuba | Legal notices

STATE OF VERMONT VERMONT COURT UPPER RUTLAND UNIT, CIVIL DIVISION N. DOCKET: 498-8-18 RDCV NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE LLC D / B / A MR. COOPER v. ANDREW F. KASUBA, LINDA J. KASUBA, LHR, INC. AND ASSET ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION OCCUPANTS OF: 632 Mill Pond Road, Benson VT NOTICE OF THE MORTGAGEE ON THE SALE OF A REAL ESTATE QUOTE UNDER THE 12 V.A.S. 4952 and following. In accordance with the Decree of judgment and the Foreclosure Decree entered into on February 12, 2019, in the aforementioned action brought has led to preclude that specific mortgage granted by Andrew F. Kasuba and Linda J. Kasuba to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as a candidate for Mortgage Financial, Inc., dated February 15, 2008 and registered in the land register of the city of Benson, of which the plaintiff is the plaintiff, by virtue of the following mortgage assignments: (1) Mortgage assignment from Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as a candidate for Mortgage Financial, Inc. to Nationstar Mortgage LLC dated April 4, 2017 and registered in the book and (2) Transfer of mortgage from Nationstar Mortgage LLC to the US Bank National Association, not in its capacity individual but exclusively as trustee of the RMAC Trust, Series 2016-CTT, dated 2 October 2019 and registered in the book, both land registers of the city of Benson for each of the conditions of said mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing the same, it will be sold at public auction at 632 Mill Pond Road, Benson, Vermont on February 14, 2020 at 10:00 am and individually the premises described in said mortgage, Simply put: be all the same lands and the same premises transmitted to Andrew F. Kasuba and Linda J. Kasuba by the deed of guarantee of Francis L. Rooker and Linda G. Rooker dated 23 April 2002 from the book 45, page 332 of the Town of Benson Land Records. Starting with a steel tube marked with a red flag at the foot of a pine tree on the south side of the road from Bump Mill Road, the so-called 22A; then along an existing fence line (detected by Maynard Welch) in a southerly direction up to a rock ledge at about 240 ‘, being more or less the same, from the starting point; towards the east, with a bearing of 90 degrees, 225 ‘, more or less, compared to an iron pin; thence on a 90 degree ledge to the highest point of “Clay Peak” where the road crosses it and from there to the west along the southern edge of Bump Mill Road, the so-called, to the starting point. Reference is made to the above tools and the records and references contained therein to further aid this description. Conditions of sale: These premises will be sold and transmitted subject to all privileges, dimensions, unpaid taxes, fiscal titles, municipal privileges and assessments, if any, which take precedence over said mortgage described above. TEN THOUSAND ($ 10,000.00) The purchase price dollars must be paid by a certified check, a check from the bank treasurer or cashier at the time and place of the sale by the buyer. The balance of the purchase price must be paid by a certified check, a check from the bank treasurer or a cashier within sixty (60) days from the date of sale. The mortgage has the right to redeem the premises at any time before the sale by paying the full amount due under the mortgage, including the costs and expenses of the sale. Other terms to be announced for sale. DATE: January 13, 2020 By: / S / Rachel K. Ljunggren, Esq. Rachel K. Ljunggren, Esq. Bendett and McHugh, PC 270 Farmington Ave., Ste. 151 Farmington, CT 06032


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