Naturgy bursts into the US to invest 1.8 billion in renewables

Naturgy deepens the transformation of the company. The multinational chaired by Francisco Reynés last the purchase of Candela Renewables, a green energy project firm based in San Francisco (USA), according to Reuters.

Although the transaction involves a very low outlay, the projects involve an investment of 1.8 billion of euros. The president of Naturgy himself already advanced after the divestment in Chile last November that the US was among his priority objectives. Your management team wants to focus on geographies with legal certainty and a strong currency.

The company has already tried to land in the North American country with the purchase of the Elawan projects (the Riberas family’s renewables company sold to the Japanese company Orix), although this operation did not come to fruition. He has also explored other possibilities, but finally Candela Renewables, a firm founded in 2018 by former employees of First Solar, it will be your first step into the first world power.

Reynés reduces Naturgy’s workforce by a third: almost 5,000 fewer jobs in 2 years

Juan Cruz Peña

This operation, which can be officially announced throughout the day, also comes close to Joe Biden becoming president of the United States. The Democratic president wants to achieve a revolution with clean energy in his country. In that way, he would continue the legacy of fighting against climate change of Barack Obama, Administration of which he was vice president. Among its first steps would be to return the country to the Paris Agreement, from which Donald Trump left during the term that now ends.

Candela Renewables highlights that it has put more than 26 projects underway in the US and cites Apple or Microsoft as buyers of some of these projects, explains Reuters.

This operation occurs after the company tried to buy the renewable company T-Solar in Spain. An operation of 1,500 million in which it reached the final phase. However, Cubic it ended up winning the bid last December.

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