NBA All-Star Weekend 2020: dunks, emotional tributes and the best players

Team Giannis Antetokounmpo – Team LeBron James will take place on Sunday 16 February

It’s not just about seeing the best players on display when the 69th annual NBA All-Star weekend kicks off in Chicago on Friday.

You can also expect to see some serious dunks, incredible three-point precision and very emotional tributes.

Here’s everything you can expect from one of the most exciting weekends on the basketball calendar.

All-Star game

This is the weekend: Team Giannis Antetokounmpo against Team LeBron James in Sunday’s All-Star game.

The teams are made up of “all-star” players from all leagues – voted by teammates, fans and the media – and are led by those who received the most votes.

Giannis and LeBron chose their teams in a “playground” format on live TV, so being chosen last added a sprinkling of rooms.

There have been further toppings in the way Giannis snubbed James Harden of the Houston Rockets – claiming that it was because he wants someone “to pass the ball”.