NBA: Jaylen Brown and his strong words after what happened on Capitol Hill

It is still difficult to think what happened in the Capitol. A group of people simpatizantes de Donald Trump entered the place just mentioned to prevent the vote certification who believes the Joe Biden as the new president of the U.S.

Given this fact, the players of the NBA They couldn’t help but express their concern, but in particular what he mentioned Jaylen Brown, of Boston Celtics, gives a lot to think about because of the rudeness and rawness of his words.

“There are two Americas divided, in one they kill you for sleeping in your car, selling cigarettes or playing in your yard. In the other you can break into the Capitol, without tear gas, without arrests, with nothing. No, none of that.” Brown sentenced.

The rest of the reactions

On the other hand, Jayson Tatum also made his opinion known: “I want to see the same energy on TV, you know ‘thugs’ and ‘criminals’, the same terms they use for our people portraying to sell our lives.”

Likewise, Doc Rivers’ words were also a stabbing dart: “Can you imagine if it had been African-Americans breaking into the Capitol, what would have happened? That to me is a photograph worth a thousand words, for us to see and probably for us to meet again.”


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