NBA rumors: Possible Boston Celtics signings in 2021

Discouragement and concern spread in the mythical franchise of Boston Celtics before the erratic drift of the team. Danny Ainge has been blindly trusting the project led by Brad Stevens and looking for formulas that allow each season to opt for the ring with more force. However, real opportunities do not come and it always gives the feeling that something is missing, and that something may be some players, as indicated hoopshype. So far, there was an upward trend in the team, with Jayson Tatum y Jaylen Brown in clear evolution, but one more season, they seem to be insufficiently surrounded and the team is confined in fifth place in the Eastern Conference and far from the sensations that a team with guarantees of fighting for the ring must have until the end.

That is why they circulate rumores NBA constant about the possibilities they have to improve their workforce. Payton Pritchard It was great news, but Kemba Walker is far from his level, while an important player is very much missing from the inside game. Daniel Theis, Robert Williams y Tristan Thompson They are not dominant centers of a champion team, so the greatest efforts of the Massachusetts team could focus on that position. André Drummond

08/02/2021 09:02

The center is still one of those figures that sounds to reinforce various franchises and the Celtics do not want to miss the opportunity to reinforce their paint

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It is the one longed for, but it escapes the economic possibilities of a team that has $ 28.4 million available to sign.

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It is not a negligible amount since, by making use of it, they could aspire to recruit players of the level of Nikola Vucevic or Al Horford. The option of the Dominican would be nice for his return home, but lacking in time travel due to his seniority. But the Celtics are not limiting themselves to the paint to reinforce their roster and are contemplating getting other players they could sign. Kelly Oubre or veterans Eric Gordon and Harrison Barnes could greatly increase the franchise’s chances of glory. These are the Most interesting players the Boston Celtics could sign:

  1. Nikola Vucevic
  2. Al Horford
  3. Kelly Oubre
  4. Eric Gordon
  5. Harrison Barnes
  6. David Bertans
  7. Thaddeus Young
  8. George Hill
  9. Trevor Ariza
  10. Tomas Satoransky


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