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The defense of sustainability from the Cordovan neighborhood groups does not stop as a result of the covid-19. Not surprisingly, the Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Córdoba Al-Zahara has designed and offered in recent weeks to its nearly one hundred federated associations a complete catalog of activities, whose main backbone is the fight against climate change, together with the consequences of the social and economic crisis that the coronavirus is causing.

These activities are framed within the Barrios por el Clima (BxC) project that began to be developed in the Cordovan capital two years ago, framed within the European project There is no PLANeta B carried out in Spain by the Andalusian Fund of Municipalities for the Solidaridad Internacional (Famsi), and coordinated in Córdoba by Ecologistas en Acción. The purpose of this BxC is to inform citizens about the concept of sustainable development and to provide tools to adopt a critical spirit regarding the current models of global development that negatively impact the environment.

The aforementioned catalog of activities, which mainly includes talks, workshops and guided visits, has already been proposed to all the neighborhood associations of the Cordovan capital, which from now on must inform the Al-Zahara Federation which of them are interested in develop in their respective neighborhoods, to set days and hours, as reported from the neighborhood federation.

Among the planned initiatives, talks on how to save water, repopulation of green areas and urban gardens, as well as workshops on the gender gap in the well-being of neighborhoods and workshops on use cooking.

Precisely, the San Acisclo Valdeolleros Neighborhood Association -a Cordovan neighborhood pioneer in the fight against climate change that in 2016 launched Valdeolleros moves by the climate-, will organize the first of these activities tomorrow, Monday, and next Thursday Day 26, consisting of a workshop on Gender Impact on Climate Change, of Grupo Spiga SCA (cooperative society of women promoters of equality), lasting 5 hours in two sessions, which will be carried out virtually. A workshop on the consequences of climate change on well-being, which will analyze these consequences and the environment in terms of gender and its negative impact on the most vulnerable women.

The Valdeolleros association will be expected to be followed by that of Galea Vetus, from the San Agustín neighborhood, which has also shown interest in holding this workshop, although a specific date has not yet been defined.
In any case, the period for requesting any activity will remain open, in a program that Al-Zahara has launched after numerous agreements with associations, groups and municipal companies.

Among them, thanks to the agreements signed with the municipal entities Sadeco, Emacsa, Aucorsa and Vimcorsa; and with the municipal Infrastructure Area and Mercacórdoba, together with other agreements with specialized groups such as the aforementioned Grupo Spiga SCA, the Ecomercado or food and commercial companies in various areas of the capital.

All this to form a battery of proposals of the largest that this federation has made in its more than four decades of existence, with the aim that citizens know the aspects of the climate crisis, without neglecting the current crisis caused. by the covid-19.

Precisely, and given the current situation, restrictions and security measures, these activities will be carried out virtually for the time being, for which Al-Zahara has contracted a platform for tele-encounters, so that all neighborhood associations that If they need it, they can hold their meetings and events without resorting to face-to-face appointments, except for some guided tours that will take place if it is possible to guarantee health security and they have authorization.

In short, Neighborhoods for the Climate that remain open to the participation of any group or neighbor who is motivated and wants to actively commit to curbing climate change and implementing adaptation measures in their neighborhood. Despite the covid-19, the adaptation of the well-known environmental adage of “let’s think globally, act locally” is still present in Córdoba.

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