Népszava Hungary defeated Turkey and advanced to Division A.

Hungarian soccer team Dávid Sigér and Kevin Varga defeated Turkey 2-0 in the final round of the Nations League in the third group of Division B, and since Serbia eliminated Russia 5-0, they have finished first in the group of Federal Captain. Marco Rossi. and promoted to Division A.

So far, the Hungarian national team has been in the series far exceeding expectations. Before the start, Federal Captain Marco Rossi’s outfit seemed certain that he would be eliminated, as the other three outfits in the group are stronger than the Hungarians in every respect. Against this, the Hungarians remained undefeated abroad (they won in Serbia and Turkey, reached a draw in Russia), a loss and a draw (against Russia and Serbia, respectively) at home.

Before the final round, Russia and Hungary have 8-8 points, Turkey 6 points and Serbia 3 points. The Hungarian team will no longer be the last and will not be relegated to division C. Since Russia is better than the Hungarians based on the results against each other, Rossi’s team will finish in the lead and rise if they score more points than the Russians . Turkey still needs to score a point to maintain confidence. If he comes out and Serbia wins, our southern neighbors will remain in Division B because they are better than the Turks based on the results between them. If the Turks win in Budapest and the Serbs win too, Turkey will win the group and advance to Division A. The Turks can celebrate promotion even if they win and the Russians draw in Serbia. Of course, we also provide information on the outcome of the Serbian-Russian meeting.

The Hungarian team cannot be included in their strongest line-up, Péter Gulácsi and Willi Orbán suffered minor injuries, Gergő Lovrencsics and Ádám Szalai were also injured. Dominik Szoboszlai had to return to Austria and Roland Sallai to Germany to participate in the weekend championship rounds for Salzburg and Freiburg due to strict epidemiological regulations there.

Federal captain Marco Rossi cannot sit on the bench of the Hungarian team due to his contagion of coronavirus, as in the game against the Serbs, this time he will be replaced by Zoltán Gera, federal coach of the U21 team. The Hungarians will compete in the following line-up: Dibusz – Fiola, Lang, Szalai A. – Nego, Sigér, Nagy Á., Kalmár, Ant – Nikolics, Könyves.

Three Serbian players also contracted the coronavirus infection, so in the Serbian-Russian battle, which is of utmost importance for the final position of the Hungarian team, the Hungarians cannot count on Milinkovic-Savic, Lazovic and goalkeeper Nikolic.

The Turks lost one of their last thirteen bets: the Hungarians beat them 1-0 with a goal from Dominik Szoboszlai.

1.p .: the game has started.

4.p .: in the first minutes the ball is more than the Hungarians, but so far they have not been able to get close to the Turkish goal.

6.p .: Calhanoglu took a free kick from 30 meters, after a shot to the center of the goal, Dibusz dropped the ball in front of him and then grabbed it.

9.p .: Nikolics put the ball into the goal from the left corner of the box, Günok grabbed the ball.

10.p .: Squid fired from 21 meters, the ball avoids the goal.

11.p .: Serbia leads 1-0 against Russia, which means that the Hungarian team is currently at the top of the group, which means promotion!

15th: Kalmár arched the ball towards Nikolics, but Demiral saved the Hungarian attacker’s head.

19.p .: Squid fought in the first corner of the match on the left. The ball was curved by the defenders in front of the goal, the second corner kick came from the right, but it did not lead to a goal situation either.

22.p .: Könyves stormed inside the hexagon on the left edge, rolled to the middle, where Nikolics was slightly behind the ball.

25th: Nego ran to the right, his shot flat in front of the goal slid off the sliding Book of Legs.

Pages. 26: Serbia win 2-0 against Russia! If this result holds in both games, Hungary will advance to Division A and Serbia will be relegated to C.

28p .: Calhanoglu shot flat from 15 meters, the ball slipping between Szalai’s legs, but Dibusz defended with a great shot.

31.p .: Szalai shot hard from the left side of the area in front of goal, the Turkish defenders saved him from Nikolics.

34.p .: Book tried to run to the left, he threw himself on Demiral, the Turkish defender fell, the referee (rightly) awarded a free kick to the guests.

36p.: Szalai’s forward was swept by Günok, who ran 25 meters from his goal, in front of Nikolics, who was trying to jump.

39th: Karaman shot flat from 15 meters, Dibusz grabbed the ball.

41º .: Fiola lost the ball 20 meters from the goal, the ball fired inside the area was not hit by Tufan.

Pages. 42: Serbia already leads 3-0 against Russia! This means that what is at stake in the battle between Hungary and Turkey is to win the first place of the group. The draw for the Hungarian band is enough to win first place.

45: end of the first half. The group ranking before the second half of the Hungarian-Turkish and Serbian-Russian match: 1. Hungary 9 points, 2. Russia 8, 3. Turkey 7, 4. Serbia 6.

46.p .: Hungarian pro management exchanged two during the break, Cseri replaces Kalmár, Kevin Varga continues the game in place of Könyves. The Turks did not exchange.

47th: Tekdemir took Varga to the ground, the Turkish player got the first yellow card of the match.

54. Cseri toppled Karaman from behind, for which he also received a yellow card.

55th: Szalai blocked Tosun’s shot, the ball rebounded off Tufan, but he bombarded from 17 meters above the goal.

56 .: exchange of guests. Yazeci continues in place of Kahveci.

57.p .: GOAL! Hungarians lead! Varga’s shot hit the post. Günok put the ball into the net, Sigér passed it to the net (1-0). Meanwhile, Serbia already leads 4-0 against Russia. Turkey is currently relegated to the group, and Hungary has strengthened its leadership position within the group!

60 .: currently the position of this group: 1. Hungary 11 points, 2. Russia 8, 3. Serbia 6, 4. Turkey 6.

64.p .: Another exchange with the Hungarians, Gyurcsó took the place of Nikolics.

67th.: Calhanoglu finished off a free kick within the sixteen Hungarians, Tufan shot from 18 meters, with a bite, half a turn over the goal.

Pages. 69: Serbia leads Russia 5-0.

70 .: Varga broke into the hex, passing it to Négó with a corner, who with a bite twisted the ball to the right corner.

72nd: replacement in the guests, Türüc replaced Tosun.

73 .: Calhanoglu shot from 15 meters, Dibusz knocked out the ball, repeated from Türüc’s bite, the ball bounced off Nego’s arm in front of his chest, the guests complained of a hand and a penalty.

No. 74: The hosts changed, Ant came down, Holender entered.

Pages. 75: Nego hit his opponent with a big trick, then shot a little from 16 meters to the left corner.

Pages. 77: Dibusz received a yellow card because he was slow to kick. The referee had previously warned the goalkeeper about this.

80th .: After Erkin’s pass, Calhanoglu headed to goal but Dibusz caught the ball.

84 p .: The Turks do their best to score the tying goal, which means they stay. The Hungarians barely have the ball.

Pages. 88: Another replacement for the Turks, Ayhan replaces Tekdemir.

89.p .: the Hungarians are also changing, Botka enters instead of Nego.

Pages. 90: Gyurcs received a yellow card because he made the corner too slow. The referee signaled a five-minute extension.

Pages. 95: GOAL! Varga Kevin scored the ball after a corner from the Turks, ran 80 yards down the field and then fired the ball from 18 yards to the right corner (2-0). The match is over, Hungary has moved up to Division A!

Match minutes

Hungría-Turquía 2-0 Budapest, Puskás Arena, 20.45 – puertas cerradas. Jv.: Kruzliak (Eslovaquia) Gol: Sigér (57 °), Varga (95 °) Tarjeta amarilla: Cseri (54 °), Dibusz (77 °), Gyurcsh (90 °) y Tekdemir (47 °)

HUNGARY: Dibusz – Fiola, Lang, Szalai A. – Nego (Botka 89.), Sigér, Nagy Á., Kalmár (Cseri 46.), Ant (Holender 74) – Nikolics (Gyurcsó 64.), Könyves (Varga Kevin 46.) .

TURKEY: Günok – Sangaré, Kabak, Demiral, Erkin – Kahveci (Yazeci 56.), Tufan, Tekdemir (Ayhan 88.), Calhanoglu, Karaman – Tosun (Türüc 72.).

The final result of the group

1. HUNGARY 11 points, 2. Russia 8, 3. Serbia 6, 4. Turkey 6.

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