Regional 3 South
Bridgwater Jupiter 26, Lovells Titans 57

JUPITER went into the field with a positive attitude, with each player giving 100%.

Despite the strong center court and the good feed of Holly Filkins (C) and Amy Portlock (WA), the first quarter ended 13: 3 against Titans.

The defense worked tirelessly with Eve Jenner (GK), Emily Bridges (GD) and Sally Haysham (WD).

As a result, they withdrew the score to 10-12.

Titans, however, asserted themselves again and went into the last quarter 44-18.

The second-quarter score was a big improvement, ending with 25-13. Jupiter continued to press in the third quarter and a few changes in the attack allowed Amy

Player of the game and opponent of the opponent of the game: Amy Portlock. Team sponsored by Associated Roofing & Maintenance Ltd.

Somerset Premier Division
Saturn 35, Monmouth 19

The game of SATURN vs. Monmouth was a game of two halves, but with 13-10.

In the second half, Saturn's game was improved by a safer passing game and the lead was increased to 23-15.

Excellent shooting from Katy Cheese (GA) and defense from Lisa Lukins (GD) restricted Monmouth and allowed Saturn to go home.

POM & OPOM: Imma Matcham. Team sponsored by PAW Engineering Ltd.

Somerset Division 2
Venus 30, Priorat 44

VENUS had a great start and ended the quarter 9-12 in front of the home team.

Abbie Newton and Amy Kemmish worked hard to feed Izzy Keane and Hazel Hucker, but faulty passes and bad ball handling allowed Priory to use the mistakes.

A fantastic last effort was made when Venus won the last quarter and collected some much-needed points.

POM: Izzy Innalls. Team sponsored by TMB Patterns.

Somerset Division 3
Mars 50, Brendon 41

MARS wanted to win and thanks to the fluent movements of the shooters Becky Kennard (GS) and Izzy Innalls (GA) they finished 17: 9 at the end of the first quarter.

Brendon increased his game and reduced the gap, but in the last quarter the lead rose to nine.

Drives from Chris Shaw (WA) and Amy Kemmish (C) opened the court, allowing Mars to continue to hold its leadership strong.

POM: Georgia Howe; OPOM: Amy Miller. Team sponsored by MJB Autos Services.

Somerset Division 3
Luna 40, Jesters 18

LUNA continued their winning streak and excellent shots from Sharon Etheridge and Michaela Hoppins gave them a 11-5 lead.

The great contribution to the circle of Gail Cornish and Beth Coleman doubled their score at halftime and they reached the final quarter 33-11, which allowed them to win home.

Joint POM: Gemma Malone and Michaela Hoppins; OPOM: Bex Dunn.


Regionalliga 3 South
Titans Thunder 44, Sydenham Gems 29

GEMS fought for every ball and took the lead 3-1, but Titans dug deep and finished the quarter 15-9 ahead.

The second quarter brought another quick and effective start, but Gems could not keep the pace and the shooting accuracy of Titans brought them to 23-16.

Gems continued to fight, making it difficult for Titans to defend the defense in court.

In the last quarter, the Titans extended their lead to 44-29.

POM, OPOM & UPOM: Amy Burley. Medipak and Lynne Cornish sponsored match.

Somerset Premier Division
Sound 59, sapphires 37

SAPPHIRES started slowly against a flying tone page.

The sapphires fought hard as Emily Rossiter (GD) and Sue Bushnell (GK) passed many passes, but they could not take advantage of a strong defense as the first quarter ended 16: 7.

Sapphires made some changes in the second quarter, with Katie Hill (WA), Carly Martin (C) and Mikki Hole (WD) making sure the ball went into the attacking circle. The quarter ended with 33-17.

In the second half Tone came back well and put pressure on sapphires, which led to errors.

With the precision shooting of Nic Hale (GS) and Tilly Milburn, Sapphires managed to stay within half to reach a decisive point. The final score was 59-37 for clays.

POM: Nic Hale; OPOM: Carly Martin; UPOM: Tilly Milburn. Medipak and Lynne Cornish sponsored match.

Somerset Division 1
Harlequins 66, Rubies 21

RUBIES traveled to Midsomer Norton to face harlequins and started the first quarter strongly with a great center court game by Steph Gibson, Anna Belcher and Jessie Venning, which allowed shooters Laura Coombes and Shell Jenkins to keep them in contention ,

Rubies came out with the same spirit as the first quarter, but it took awhile for the harlequins to settle.

In the last quarter, Harlequins continued to put pressure on the Rubies' attackers, ending the game between 66 and 21 against Harelquins.

POM & OPOM: Anna Belcher; UPOM: Anna Belcher and Laura Coombes. Medipak and Lynne Cornish sponsored match.



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