Regional 3 South
Jupiter 36, Hovelands 52

JUPITER knew it would be a hotly contested game and would come out strongly.

Shots from Maddie Kennard (GS) and many turnovers from Lisa Lukins (GK) allowed Jupiter to take the advantage, finishing the quarter at ten-six, but at half-time, it was clear. was 18-20 in Hovelands.

In the second half, Alisha Gardener (WA) made a good move, but Hovelands strengthened their game. The two opposing shooters are now shooting with ease.

In the last quarter, Jupiter struggled to convert and Hovelands made several turnovers to ensure victory.

Player of the Match and opposing player of the match: Sammie Griffin; Enrollment: Maddie Kennard, Katy Cheese, Becky Hooper, Kia Jenner, Alisha Gardener, Sammie Griffin, Eve Jenner, Imma Matcham and Lisa Lukins. Limited Partner: Associated Roofing & Maintenance Ltd.

Somerset KO Cup quarter-final
Saturn 48, Tomahawks 55

SATURN took a long time to settle, allowing the Tomahawks to have a nine-goal lead in the first five minutes.

Saturn eventually mastered the game and began to pass the ball with confidence, reducing the deficit (11-16).

The big movement of Maddie Kennard (GS) in the circle allowed Saturn to stay in contention at 22-29.

In the third quarter, Saturn improved his game and started to recover the score.

Julie McClean's superb workouts (C) at the edge of the circle and Ellie Schofield (WA) 's strong feed into the shooters allowed Saturn to reduce the gap to four.

In the last quarter, Saturn struggled to keep up the momentum of the third quarter.

The advice and interceptions of Abbie Newton (GK) helped them stay in touch, but the Tomahawks were successful.

Joint POM: Julie McClean and Maddie Kennard; OPOM: Maddie Kennard; Maddie Kennard, Katy Cheese, Ellie Schofield, Julie McClean, Hannah Sayer, Izzy Innalls, Emma Cocks, Sally Haysham and Abbie Newton; sponsor: PAW Engineering Ltd.

Somerset Division 3
March 61, brendon 28

After winning Brendon's previous match, Mars was hopeful for another win.

March shooters Rebecca Kennard and Sharon Ethridge scored 13 goals against two for Brendon in the first quarter.

Center Sophie Atyeo continued her quick interventions and Georgia Howe fought to get the ball into the shooting circle with Hazel Hucker, who was continually pushing the ball towards the shooters.

Mars was able to score 16 and 18 goals in the second and third quarters. Hucker also used his skills in GA position.

The last quarter saw fatigue creep in a bit and finish at the same level, but Mars was a comfortable winner.

POM: Rebecca Kennard; OPOM: Sophie Atyeo; sponsored by MJB Auto Services; Numbers: Amy Miller, Sophie Atyeo, Caitlin Howe, Hazel Hucker, Sharon Ethridge, Rebecca Kennard, Ella Smith and Georgia Howe.


Regional 3 South
Knights 50, Gems 34

SYDENHAM GEMS went to the streets to face the Tor Knights Sunday.

The match was well played, Gems increasing his game in the second half.

Gems exploited all his strength and used the versatility of his players to play different combos and play games, but eventually lost 50-34.

Player of the match: Karis Holleron; POM of the referees: Helen Martin; Opposition POM: Karis Holleron; sponsor: Medipak

Somerset Premier Division
Bishops 35, Sapphires 23

Despite strong pressure from Sue (GK) and Carly (GD), the strong Wells team quickly took the lead.

Excellent attack work from Mikki Hole (C) and Katie Hill (WA) brought the ball to shooters Michelle (GS) and Tanisha (GA), who continued to work hard to score.

Despite the hard work, Sapphires have been defeated.

POM: Sue; UPOM: Katie & Lilly; OPOM: Carly; sponsors: Medipak & Homes in Sedgemoor

Somerset Division 1
Ruby 37, Lances 58

RUBIES started slowly and Spears pushed forward to finish the first quarter at 13-4.

The Sydenham team responded with more energy and fought to raise the ball on the ground (31-15).

The Rubies won the third quarter to narrow the gap (43-28).

After other changes in position, Spears continued its course in the last quarter.

POM: Anna Jenkin; UPOM: Anna Jenkin and Steph Gibson; OPOM: Steph Gibson; sponsor: Medipak

Somerset Division 2
Emeralds 13, Queensway 58

EMERALDS has beaten Galmington Queensway, a very strong team.

The first quarter finished 16-1 and it was 29-6 at halftime.

The emeralds had good interceptions and turnarounds and continued to fight until the end.

POM: Amelia, Hollie and Rhiannon; UPOM & OPOM: Angel; sponsor: Medipak