Netflix and the Obamas team up in a series about the backroom of the US government.

Barack and Michelle Obama they are behind the series The G Word, a sketch comedy to air on Netflix. The former president of the United States, through his production company Higher Ground Productions, has launched this serial on the operation of American politics.

The G World it will descend into the depths of the machinery of government of the most powerful country in the world, a place that does not exactly enjoy a very good reputation. The goal of the series is show the gears of this institution so viewers can get an idea of ​​how reliable this is.

Even being a series, The G World will include documentary elements and will have a visible face throughout all its chapters: that of Adam Conover, which will give a voice to public officials who work every day so that the US Government works with greater or lesser success.

The production of this sketch space will begin at the beginning of the year 2021, informs Deadline, thus coinciding with the inauguration of Democrat Joe Biden as the country’s new president. The G World It is based on the book The Fifth Risk, by the author Michael Lewis.


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