Netflix: Apple’s “Space Audio” will not come to the application

One of Apple’s innovations will not reach, for the moment, Netflix. According to a statement, the streaming company has confirmed that they are not working on tests to give native support to the apple’s “Space Audio” technology in part of its catalog, as indicated in a first report a few weeks ago.

Through MacRumors, a Netflix spokesperson confirmed that the company is not working on testing Apple’s “spatial audio,” and there are no plans to release any developments at this time.

Which yes confirms the Netflix representative the thing is the company was testing efficient ways to support multichannel devices with speakers included, as part of a strategy to “improve” the service and evaluate new user experiences.

With this news, Apple users will not be able to add Netflix to the list of apps that support “Space Audio”, a system that adds a three-dimensional experience to select apple headphones, and that relies on sensors to virtualize the dynamics sound of certain images. Services like Disney +, HBO and AppleTV +, among others, have this option enabled.


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