For a long time, Netflix and Sky seemed deadly enemies and fought for the hearts and minds of television viewers across the UK. However, Netflix will soon be part of the Sky TV experience in the Sky TV package, which has been in demand for years.

Starting in November (a specific date has not yet been set), you can access the entire Netflix streaming catalog via the Sky Q-Box. While you can connect your existing Netflix account to your Sky Q-Box, Sky hopes you can get started with the new, comprehensive Ultimate On Demand package, which offers you some exclusive benefits.

The Ultimate On Demand package combines Sky's Netflix and all on-demand content in a single bolt-on for just 10 pounds a month.

This is a considerable savings over the separate sourcing of the two and gives you the ability to consolidate your bills into one Sky-managed account. Plus, if you're currently paying for Netflix's Premium 4K Tier – this is a particularly attractive savings – as long as you already pay for the UHD options in your Sky Q account, you will pay for everything at £ 10 per month 4K Netflix service too. That is, apart from one important point – while HDR remains available on other platforms via Netflix when purchased with the Ultimate On Demand package, you can not use the content of the streaming giant's High Dynamic Range content through the Sky- Watch the box. As with Sky's own HDR ambitions, Sky is still working on how best to bring this into the Sky Q ecosystem, and that includes the newly integrated Netflix service.

Another benefit of getting your Netflix bill with your Sky device is that Netflix content integrates seamlessly with the interface of your Sky Box. In the recommended viewports of your Sky UI and other viewing areas, you'll see that they are populated with titles from your Netflix library so you can jump right in without having to open the dedicated Netflix app from the menu system first. It's very smooth, with the two services sitting side by side very naturally.

Insulated data

If you fear that your data will be shared between companies to fill these recommended viewing areas, then you should not do so. The two services remain isolated from each other, which also prevents the various Netflix profiles you might share in your family from affecting your Sky ad recommendations, which is a plus if you annoy your loved ones with your Netflix account.

The only thing happening behind the scenes between Sky and Netflix is ​​a handshake that tells Netflix that a Sky customer wants to access the Ultimate On Demand package. At this point, the Sky UI gadgets are on. You should not notice any drop in service at any point. And of course, if you want to switch to the standard interface of the Netflix app at any time, this is also available in the Apps section of the Sky menu.

Although voice search does not yet work on Netflix titles, many considerations have been made to make searching for the Netflix content you desire as easy as possible. In addition to the splash screen tiles, there is a new On Demand section that combines all the prepared content (whether from Sky or Netflix) into one place, while the text search tool now has a dedicated option to scan the Netflix catalog as well.

Will come …

A few more Quality of Life features will be added to Sky before the end of this year.

First, Spotify (already available as a Sky Q app) will join Netflix by being offered on your Sky bill each month as part of an integrated billing system. Customers who have never used Spotify receive 6 months of free access to sweeten the deal, while existing Spotify subscribers have 3 months of free access when integrating their bills into Sky.

Second, a special children mode viewing option will be added in the New Year. This demarcates children's content, so you can leave your little ones unattended in the knowledge that they are not stumbling over something they should not. It will also be paired with the same kids' profiles set up in Sky's mobile app, syncing all the personalized options across the ecosystem.

It also introduces some enhancements to the interface, including the ability to open apps in Sky Q via a voice command, sort recommendations and records by type, and see a more refined referral system that offers viewers more personal choices.

Sky Q is approaching the three-year point in its lifespan and then getting stronger. While the long wait for HDR is frustrating, it's great to see Sky's premium package continue to shine.


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