Netflix to produce series that is described as LGBTQ Twilight

Step aside Twilight – 48%, a new vampire story is ready to take over the screen thanks to a new agreement between Netflix and actress Emma Roberts, who will be in charge of producing a new series under the company Belletrist Productions. In accordance with Entertainment Weekly, the production will be a fiction called First Kill that will adapt one of the stories written by the author VE Schwab, well known in the field of fiction for children and young people, who has also had some great successes in book sales that are usually published under the name of Victoria Schwab.

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First Kill will focus on the events of the aforementioned story, which appears as one of the stories found in the collection launched in September named Vampires Never Get Old: Tales with Fresh Bite which was published in September and has other stories by authors such as Natalie C. Parker, known independently for writing the trilogy Sea of ​​fire and the Ecuadorian Zoraida Cordova, author of the series Brooklyn Witches and the Star Wars novel A Crash of Fate.. The production will have a total of eight episodes and each of them will last approximately one hour.

Schwab will receive credits as creator, writer and executive producer, sharing the latter role with Roberts and her great friend Karah Preiss, who is also a co-founder of Belletrist Productions, a company whose mission is “to celebrate people who love books.” The showrunner will be Felicia D. Henderson, who has a lot of experience having worked as a producer and writer on titles such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Fringe, Gossip Girl and the recent The Punisher – 60%. The name of the actors who will be part of the adaptation has not been confirmed and it has not been mentioned that it may be Emma Roberts who joins in any of the main roles.

The story that will tell First Kill will focus on a teenage vampire named Juliette, who is obsessed with killing her first victim to earn a place within a powerful clan of vampires, and is targeting a girl named Calliope who has just arrived in her town the story. What he does not know is that this young woman whom he wants to take as his first victim is actually a vampire hunter who comes from a famous family that has a tradition of hunting these creatures.

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In this way, the plot becomes a kind of cat and mouse game because as they get closer and get to know each other they end up discovering that it will not be easy to end each other, in this case to achieve their goal, which is to hunting, for obvious reasons, but also everything will get complicated as soon as they begin to develop feelings towards the other. Thus, this production whose plot has been described as a cross between Buffy, the cazavampiros Y Twilight It already sounds like a sure success for the streaming giant, which will also bring the LGBTQ + community together once again, which for now continues to celebrate the launch of The Curse of Bly Manor – 90%.

It will be a story that at least deserves a look and also resonates with what was said by Catherine Hardwicke, the director of Twilight, earlier this year during an interview with Queerty. In that conversation, he said that a gay version of Twilight would be something worth doing, so First Kill seems the closest to that. Best of all, both the original story and the adaptation come from an experienced writer who has been able to prove success with works like Vicious and the series A Darker Shade of Magic that have had a great commercial performance.

First Kill it’s not the only thing Emma Roberts he has in his hands, since he has a television agreement with Hulu, thanks to which he will adapt the novel Tell Me Lies of Carola Lovering, in addition to other productions in which he will act, one of them being Holidate that will arrive direct to Netflix.

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