Never-before-seen material has surfaced from Meghan Markle, who has visited India, dressed in a traditional sari and bindi, to highlight the plight of girls in times of poverty.

Meghan, who will be born in the next few weeks, was shot during her trip to New Delhi, where she highlighted the plight of girls whose training suffers during menstruation.

The duchess, who was still working as an actress in the US drama Suits at the time, was a worldwide ambassador for World Vision, the international children's organization.

The video, shot during the visit in January 2017, shows her planting flowers at a school where World Vision has installed clean water and sanitation.

A bindi is painted on Meghan Head of a young woman (World Vision)

A young woman also paints a bindi on Meghan's forehead and takes a shower with petals.

Meghan during a trip to New Delhi in 2017, highlighting the plight of young girls suffering from period poverty (World Vision)

When she returned, she wrote an article for Time magazine about her experiences and said, "I was in Delhi with World Vision in January and Mumbai to meet girls and women directly affected by the stigma of menstrual health to learn how she hinders the girls.

Meghan Planting flowers at a girls' school (World Vision)

"One hundred and thirteen million teenage girls between the ages of 12 and 14 in India alone are at risk of leaving school due to stigmatization of menstrual health.

Meghan, who will be born in the coming weeks, will be shown during her trip to New Dehli where she highlighted the plight of girls whose education suffers from menstruation (World Vision)

"During my time on the field, many girls said they were embarrassed to go to school while they were still at school, with rags instead of pads, not able to do sports, and no bathrooms for worrying about themselves, they often decide to leave school altogether. "

The visit came at the beginning of a year that ended with Harry and Meghan, who announced their engagement and married a few months later in 2018.