New cameras, many new mobiles, 100 ways of seeing and much more: Galaxia Xataka Foto

Another weekend wanting to go out with the camera. But if we want to travel safely we will have to wait. Meanwhile we can practice in the closest parks or at home with the help of flashes or whatever we have at hand. And incidentally read the most interesting news we have published throughout the week that ends.

Sony New
Sony New

Sony’s new lenses

  • In the middle of the week we met the winning image of the PhotoAquae 2021 contest. And don’t miss a day without presenting a mobile, like the Realme 8 Pro with a 108 MP camera. And we comment on a video in which they teach us 100 ways of seeing from the cinema.
  • On Thursday we had a technique to give more volume to our photos with Adobe Photoshop and updates from Panasonic for their Lumix X and BGH1. We also present Allan Teger’s work with the human body. And we bring up a confusing issue that exists between ‘The bridges of Madison’ and the controversial figure of David Alan Harvey.
  • On Friday, the last day of the week, Bargain Hunting was back and we discovered a way to make a Photoshop brush to enhance the hair selections in our photos.

But on the web we can find many more references to photography. We always like to highlight the news from other media that strive to provide photographic information with no other interest to share:

  • We begin with an introductory video on Cartier Bresson from the hand of Oscar photos, a true master class on the figure of one of the most important photographers in history.
  • Tripiyon teaches us in a video how to recreate the stained glass effect in our photographs in an interesting live show.
  • If we want to know more about the graphic acceleration In our Adobe programs, we can’t miss this Photoshopping video.
  • Víctor Gonzalo teaches us to make snowflakes now that spring is approaching and we are already forgetting Filomena with Adobe Photoshop.

One of the 'men on the beam' in the famous photograph taken in the Rockefeller Center skyscraper in New York was a Basque

And we already finished this Galaxia Xataka Foto in a week in which Holy Week begins, a time of celebration that we will not be able to celebrate by traveling. But surely we will find time to learn and improve our photographs. And let’s not forget that we will always take the best shots near our home, as we know the surroundings perfectly.

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