New cases and the rate of positivity due to covid-19 continue to fall in Peru • Hola News


Lima, Oct 16 (EFE) .- Peru already accumulates 862,417 infections and 33,648 deaths from coronavirus, although both new cases and the rate of positivity in tests remain down, according to data released this Friday by the Ministry of Health.

This Friday 2,677 new infections were announced -938 of the day and 1,739 accumulated from the previous seven days – out of 23,617 tests carried out, with a positivity rate of 11.33%, the lowest record since April, when many fewer tests were carried out.

In addition, the number of recovered patients remained on the rise, with 769,077 people who completed their period of home isolation or were discharged from a health facility, 4,327 more than the day before.

In total, 862,417 people have tested positive for covid-19 since the disease arrived in Peru in March, a country that was ranked as the ninth nation most affected by the pandemic in the world on Friday, according to data from the US Johns Hopkins University.

The number of deaths increased to 33,648, with 71 new deaths reported, which makes Peru remain the country with the highest mortality from covid in the world in terms of population size.

The report of the Ministry of Health also indicates that 6,138 people are hospitalized, 50 less than the previous day, while 1,149 are in intensive care units (ICU) with mechanical ventilation, ten more than on Thursday.


These figures, which speak of a relative control of the disease in the country, coincide with the opening of the economy and the progressive elimination of citizen restrictions, which has led the authorities to insist that all precautions be maintained against the risk of a regrowth.

Precisely today the executive president of the Social Health Security -EsSalud, Fiorella Molinelli, revealed that there are twelve regions in the country where covid cases are growing and that possible scenarios that could bring a re-outbreak of the disease are being considered by the Executive.

“In this sense, we have been analyzing 3 types of scenarios, optimistic, intermediate and pessimistic, but as social security we must be prepared for the worst scenario, and thus a wave of infections that could reach up to 2 million is expected towards the end of November-December more infections, having 17,000 more patients in the ICU and 360,000 hospitalized patients, “he said in statements collected by the RPP station.

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