The Clatsop County Department of Public Health reports the following local COVID-19 cases:

On Friday, January 29, three cases were registered:

  • Female, age 40-49, South County resident
  • Female, 0-9 years, South County resident
  • Female, age 40-49, North County resident

On Monday, February 1, four cases were registered:

  • Female, age 70-79, North County resident
  • Male, 10 to 19 years old, resident of North County
  • Male, age 40-49, North County resident
  • Female, ages 20-29, North County resident

One of the individuals was hospitalized; the rest are recovering at home.

The county has recorded a total of 751 COVID-19 cases since March. Eighteen of those cases resulted in hospitalization. Five individuals have died.

PLEASE NOTE – The county’s Risk Level status under Oregon state COVID-19 guidance metrics for business and social activities is based on COVID-19 case data compiled by the Oregon Health Authority. State case totals may differ from county.

The county is offering COVID-19 testing to members of the public, including rapid tests with same-day results. For more information, go to

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