New details on the Embark Studios shooter, which Phil Spencer visited last year

New details of the shooter from Embark Studios, a studio Phil Spencer visited last year, have recently come to light. Despite the fact that Embark Studios is a recent team, we better not lose sight of it. Embark Studios is made up of former DICE veterans, and already has 200 people in their studio. And that’s not all, but Phil Spencer stopped by the studio’s offices last year to see the project they are working on. That has already caused alarms to go off among fans, because perhaps this newly founded studio will end up in the ranks of Xbox Game Studios.

“The game revolves mainly around team gameplay, especially dynamism, physics and destruction. Some of the most seasoned developers of first person shooters are here with us at Embark. If you find it fun to work with them on a new project, you should take a look at the jobs we are offering », we can read in the official blog.

With talents from DICE and first-person shooters, Embark Studios is more than likely to have staff who have worked on Battlefield. Even maybe in other games in the studio, like Mirror’s Edge. One of the developers that has been confirmed for Embark Studios is Robert Runesson, who has participated in the development of titles such as Battlefield V, Star Wars: Battlefront, Battlefield 1 y los dos Mirror’s Edge, among many other games from Electronic Arts.

Although few more details of the project are known, the small leaked gameplay (of the game in progress) looks spectacular. We look forward to hearing more details about the game in the coming months.

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