Since The International is the poster boy for the Dota 2 Esport calendar, it's also the perfect time for Valve to showcase new content. The International 8 fans were given the keys to the long-awaited artifact, while TI9 has already confirmed a new hero with Snapfire.

However, the developers have not yet completed their search for new content, as another member of the Spirit Hero family was announced after years of theories and speculation.


Void Spirit joins Dota 2, the hero family of the Spirit Brothers.

Just before the match-up between Team Liquid and Team Secret, which led Liquid to victory, Valve took a break in the program to introduce their new trailer and the sophisticated CGI effects.

For the most part, the hero stayed with his back to the camera – he conjured portals and moved forward. Eventually, a character was brought on stage and, to the delight of the crowd, began to warn "mortals" of the impending "Great Confluence" before acting with a double-ended blade that seemed to be their preferred weapon.

What are the skills of Void Spirit?

Unlike Snapfire, not much has been shown for the potential abilities of Void Spirit, or for clues as to what kind of character they will have in play.

Keep in mind, however, that Earth Spirit, Ember Spirit and Storm Spirit each have their own elemental remains and can turn into a ball for unique movement. However, since Void Spirit conjures portals in a trailer, it remains to be seen what their remains and transport capabilities will look like.

In even better news for avid Dota fans, both characters were announced for DOTA Underlords – the popular mobile game.

However, it is not yet known when they will start one of the two titles on the battlefield, since after the vague teaser "Coming Fall 2019" no official date has yet been announced.