New drug against persistent covid

Many of those who have passed the coronavirus suffer what is called “persistent covid”, that is, they show symptoms associated with the viral infection weeks or months after having passed it (dizziness, fatigue, mental fog …). However there is an ehope for them: a new drug is being tested for “persistent covid” that a doctor tested on his wife and has become a unique trial in the world. In ‘La Hora de la 1’ they have counted on the testimony of that doctor, Doctor Francisco Mera who assures that: “he has tested it with 30 patients and has given very good resultss”.

Persistent covid, symptoms lasting months with negative PCR

What is this drug and how did you come up with trying it?

Both Francisco and his wife suffered from coronavirus. After four weeks he improved, but she continued with the symptoms and even worsened. The doctor says that they went to the emergency room since these symptoms did not correct. There they were told that there were patients in the same situation, that in many patients the symptoms of the virus persisted (fatigue, shortness of breath, concentration …) and that they limited normal life.

In view of what happened, Mera began to investigate: “Create a hypothesis about this immune response of the patient, who in my wife’s case was very persistent, ”he says. “He saw how his body continued to respond to the virus in an exaggerated way,” he adds.

What he did is be guided by a molecule that is used to treat asthma and that according to the doctor “is quite safe.” Based on a series of essays and articles, he began to treat his wife and a series of patients with very good results: “The response was so good that it made him create a protocol that I presented to the Catalan Health Service,” he quotes. The idea is that this study can be used for the whole country.

Since then, as of June, what would be the essay entitled: “Hope Covid”, In honor of Esperanza, a family doctor who collaborates in the project. According to Mera, during these months “more experience has been gained with the drug and we will continue to carry out studies and evaluate the causes of persistent covid.”

Currently his wife has been able to recover her working life and can lead a practically normal life.

It has been tested with 30 patients and 80% have improved

“About 30 patients have been put in and 80% of the sample has clearly improved”, as confirmed by Francisco Mera in the morning of TVE. Now a trial will be conducted with 300 patients where it will be verified if the drug improves the persistent covid, as well as the causes that cause it.

Persistent covid patient prototype

According to Mera “80% of the cases those who suffer from persistent covid are women with an average age of 43 years”.


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