New edition of “Teen Wolf – The Complete Series” can be pre-ordered at

UPDATE: The new edition of the “Teen Wolf” series can now be pre-ordered at!

Scott McCall is a perfectly normal teenager with a dangerous secret. Ever since the once shy outsider was bitten by a wolf, he turns into a werewolf under the full moon. In addition to the challenges of everyday high school life, he now also has to face a world of the supernatural: Merciless werewolf hunters are always on his trail and dangerous, dark forces threaten him and his friends again and again …

At the end of 2008, Capelight Pictures published the successful and award-winning US mystery series “Teen Wolf”In a limited collector’s edition with all six seasons in a complete box. Their stocks are slowly coming to an end and so now appears for 9. April 2021 a New edition of the complete “Teen Wolf” series in a keep case. In terms of content, this will be identical to the first edition.

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