New episode of our program ‘Fuerza Rebelde’. – Holocron Star Wars.

We welcome you to a new section of our page! This 2021 we have launched a new program entitled ‘Rebel Force ‘, where we will talk about the most relevant topics for the saga and a summary of all the news that have been part of the week. After three shows where we talked about ‘The Mandalorian’ and the series that derive from it, now we go with our fourth episode where we talk about the new series that it will launch Disney Y Lucasfilm framed within the era of the reign of the Galactic Empire and the rise of the Rebel Alliance. As we mentioned in the previous installments, we are just getting used to this format, so we will probably improve several things and modify others, in order to deliver a dynamic, informative and above all entertaining program.

You can see our fourth episode below where we talk about the series’The Bad Batch’, ‘Andor’ Y ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’.

Note: Unfortunately there are parts where the audio is a bit choppy, which we will review for the next program.

Rebel Force: The new ‘Star Wars’ series (part 2).

As we have previously pointed out, we are just learning this dynamic, so we will be improving some areas of the program, so we are totally open to all comments, criticisms (we hope they are constructive) and the recommendations that you believe appropriate.

Our next program will be launched during the first week of March, so stay tuned and attentive and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel youtube.

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May the Force be with you !!!

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