New expansion? Hearthstone prepares big announcements for next week

Every year, Blizzard makes sure that Hearthstone Receive multiple content expansions. His latest model on this need indicates that three are the number of sets of cards that arrive at the video game in the same lap to the sun, so 2020 still holds one more content for the great card title. For the moments, Ashes of Outland Y Academia Scholomance These are the two iterations that have made the delivery experience more dynamic, and we may soon know what else is coming up for multiplayer.

In this sense, Team 5 he has revealed that in a short time they will carry out an event where revelations of great magnitude will take place. “Come one, come all! He October 22 at 8:00 AM PT, both on Twitch and YouTube, the game director of Hearthstone Benjamin Lee will open our fall reveal live with multiple important announcements“, highlights the entry.”We have some very exciting news that we don’t want to miss!“, he adds, adorning the statement with an iconic image of the Black Moon Fair, a celebration within World of Warcraft that, possibly, would be the thematic curtain of this expansion.

On the other hand, it is important to note that Magician will suffer a considerable reduction in power next week, as Solarian suprema Y Evocation, two of its most important legendary, will be nerfeadas. The first one will cost 9 mana crystals instead of 7 and the second one will cost 2 mana crystals instead of 1, so “both cards can be reimbursed for their full cost in arcane dust for two weeks after the patch becomes available“.

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