new function to watch series without spending data

With the growth of platforms such as Disney Plus and Amazon Prime, the Red N platform continues to add features to be competitive

Netflix continues to look for a way for its users to enjoy their favorite content and that is why it has just launched ‘Downloads for you’, a new function with which series or movies that are related to the tastes of each profile will be automatically downloaded.

Data control

It is important to mention that the amount of downloads will be under the control of the users. To activate the tool, the client shall heading down to eyelash downloads on your smartphone.

In that same option you can choose the amount of content that can be downloaded (1 GB, 3 GB or 5 GB) and they will only start when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

The higher the limit set by the person, Netflix will carry out more download recommendations. Downloads for you began beta testing in late 2020 and is currently available on devices with Android operating system. According to the company, will soon be able to run on iOS.

Among other details of this option, the fact that generally, the application will download the first episodes of a series stands out, which will be enough to start the season. Also, once the content has been consumed, it can be deleted to free up storage space.

According to him portal TechCrunch, almost the entire Netflix catalog will be available for this function and not only the original content of the platform. It should be noted that there will be titles with limitations due to licensing restrictions.

The function It represents an addition to the application of content via streaming and a complement to AutoDownloads, a tool that was implemented three years ago to have series or movies available even without being connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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The television media analysis site Digital TV Research released growth estimates for both Netflix and Disney Plus, after consulting with several investors.

With the second hosting two of the most successful franchises of recent times in the entertainment industry, Star Wars and Marvel, by 2026 it is estimated that it would obtain a total of 294 million subscribers.

Meanwhile, Netflix, a firm founded by Reed Hastings, it would be left with “only” 286 million subscribers.


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