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Omnivision OV50A: new high-end sensor with ultra-fast focus

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Omnivision continues to introduce new and more interesting camera sensors for phones. The company has revealed the new image sensor OV50A. The company’s new product has a resolution of 50 megapixels, and it is Omnivision’s first image sensor with auto 100% phase detection focus. This will allow the automatic focus of the Omnivision OV50A present quite powerful autofocus capabilities.

All about the new sensor Omnivision OV50A

According to the official statement of the firm, the new image sensor presents a 1.0 micron (1um) native pixel size, selective conversion gain and a 1 / 1.5 ”size. To this is added its automatic focus technology of Quadruple Phase Detection (QPD) and On-Chip Remosaic.

The new sensor from Omnivision arrives with the technology of PureCel Plus-S pixel fusion. This will be accompanied by QPD color filter matrix and remosaico hardware so that in combination the sensor can generate quite powerful autofocus performance. The images resulting from 12.5MP offering a equivalent pixel size of 2.0µm.

The Omnivision OV50A will also allow recording of 8K videos in real time. The sensor can capture 50 megapixel videos in 8K with QPD autofocus at 30 fps, 8K videos at 60 fps, and 4K / 2K videos at 90 fps. According to Arun Jayaseelan, Omnivision’s Chief Marketing Officer, said the following:

One of the biggest selling points of mobile phones is camera performance, and they have been bridging the gap with DSLR cameras for years. Our QPD autofocus technology now makes that gap even smaller, bringing DSLR-level autofocus performance to phone cameras.”.

To sum this up, the new QPD technology it will be the basis for better distance calculation, faster autofocus, and better low-light performance. This will result in better overall image quality for the main and ultra-wide sensor.

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Will be in high-end phones

This sensor is expected to make its debut in premium flagship phones coming out in the future. This would not be something strange, since the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra launched in China last year featured a main sensor from Omnivision.

Previously, Omnivision also launched the 40-megapixel OV40A sensor, which offered high-end HDR capabilities and image gain of up to 256x. We still don’t know which phone will be the first to feature the company’s new sensor.

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