Police respond to an active shooter situation in a UPS facility in New Jersey.

The incident was reported between 8:30 and 9:00 am at Birchcreek Road in Logan Township.

A Swat team was activated to drive to the facility. Some police vehicles were already outside.

UPS said it supports the police in a statement: "UPS is working with law enforcement when responding to an active shooting situation at one of the company's supply chain processing facilities in Logan Township, New Jersey."

"We can not currently provide information about the identity of the people involved," the statement added.

New Jersey police confirmed that both the local authorities and the state authorities are responding to the incident.

In an interview with local TV channel 6ABC, UPS employee Ashlee Erickson said of the evacuation, "As soon as we left the building, there was a massive police presence. There were a good ten policemen who had all pulled their weapons towards the main entrance of the building, "

The Logan Township Schools have been modified. Officials say no one is allowed to enter or leave school buildings.

School District officials say all students and staff are safe.

No injuries were reported.