Homes England and the Defense Infrastructure Organization announced today a new partnership to develop land vacated by the Department of Defense.

The partnership brings together the Defense Infrastructure Organization (DIO), combining its own in-house expertise with the skills, human resources and finances of Homes England to help remove constraints, create greater certainty and accelerate home construction.

Nick Walkley, Executive Director of Homes England and Graham Dalton, General Manager of the Defense Infrastructure Organization, sealed the partnership by signing a memorandum of understanding.

Nick Walkley, Managing Director of Homes England, said: "This partnership offers a new opportunity to intervene in the market. The sites will contribute to the 300,000 homes needed each year to meet growing demand. We are happy to use our skills and resources to work closely with DIO on the delivery of these contaminated sites.

"Through the MoU, we will work with local authorities and communities to move projects forward faster and more efficiently, providing housing where it's needed."

The land will remain the property of the Ministry of Defense throughout the project while Homes England will prepare the site for development through planning and investment, with DIO's governance.

Graham Dalton, General Manager of the Defense Infrastructure Organization, said: "The DIO and Homes England have agreed to work together to develop housing sites under an agreement optimizing the use of public resources.

"We are pleased to partner with Homes England for the benefit of local communities. The combined expertise will ensure that sites that are no longer needed by Defense will be transformed into critical housing while optimizing resources. "#

The first seven sites under the new partnership agreement have also been announced today.
These are: Claro & Deverell Barracks at Ripon, North Yorkshire; RAF Henlow in Bedfordshire; MOD Site 4 at Stafford, MDPGA Wethersfield at Braintree, Essex, Swynnerton Training Camp at Stone, Staffordshire, Prince William Barracks from Gloucester to Grantham, Lincolnshire and Chetwynd to Chilwell, Nottinghamshire.


For more information, contact Kate Hall, Communications Officer at Homes England, at 0115 852 6900 or 07967 782252.

Notes to editors:

About Homes England

Homes England is the new housing agency that was created to take a more commercial approach to addressing the long-term housing issues facing our country. The new expanded agency will play a much bigger role in investing in supply and market intervention to help deliver 300,000 homes a year by the middle of the next decade.

Homes England will act differently from its predecessor by bringing together money, land, skills, planning and mandatory purchasing power to accelerate the supply of new housing and address affordability issues in areas of higher demand.

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About the Defense Infrastructure Organization

The Defense Infrastructure Organization (DIO), part of the Ministry of Defense, plays a key role in the conservation and maintenance of the Defense field, as well as in support of life, work, training and training. deployment of our armed forces.

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