New problem: Libya and Turkey are rejecting the landing of calves from Spain citing health reasons

Union of Unions, before the news published about the situation that is being experienced in ports of Libya and Turkey rejecting the landing of calves from Spain, has asked the Ministry in writing to take the necessary steps so that this situation does not reproduce.

The organization criticizes that, as confirmed by the Ministry itself, the reasons alleged to prevent the landing of calves are of a health nature, although the animals had all the health certificates that prove that they are from areas free of blue tongue and that they have complied with all the animal welfare protocols.

Unión de Uniones expresses its discomfort at this arbitrary decision by the Turkish and Libyan authorities and its concern that this problem is a precedent for future shipments; which should be prevented by all means to avoid, not only an animal welfare problem for the animals themselves, but eventual problems on our markets.

Unión de Uniones believes that this type of unilateral decisions, taken at the last moment and without any scientific rigor, if not reversed, could be a serious problem in the future, especially in a year in which exports have been of utmost importance. due to the lack of internal consumption with the closure of the HORECA channel.


The organization highlights that Libya and Turkey have come to represent for Spain 53% of the value of live cattle exports. For its part, in the case of sheep exports, Libya has become the destination of 80% of exports.

According to DataComex, in the last year alone, more than 72,000 tons of live cattle were exported to these countries and 36,000 tons of live sheep to Libya, representing almost 30% and 34% of total exports of live cattle and sheep respectively.

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“What has happened is just another sign that trade relations with third countries do not meet many of the aspects that should be basic” – they point out from the organization. “If the certificates that are issued and the health protocols are not valid suddenly, turn off and let’s go,” they conclude.

Unión de Uniones, which insists on the importance of these markets in exports that reach 864 million euros per year on average, asks the Ministry to get down to work and carry out the relevant inquiries to find out how the decision of prevent the entry of the calves to, where appropriate, demand responsibilities and support the victims in the compensation of the damages that have been caused.

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