How Fiona Bruce played hardball for her & # 39; Ask-and-Pay & # 39; deal: New host might even get more than the & # 39; £ 400,000 & # 39; which Dimbleby has done, insiderFiona Bruce played hard with BBC bosses to ensure payment, insiders reveal that they think they deserve the same as Outgoing host family David DimblebyFiona, 54, becomes the first female anchor in the 40- years of history of the program

Susie Coen TV and radio reporter for the Dailymail

17:01 EST, January 8, 2019

6:36 pm EST, January 8, 2019

Fiona Bruce played hard with BBC bosses to forfeit a lucrative pay deal as the new host of the Question Time, insiders have unveiled. Sources say they will earn the same as outgoing presenter David Dimbleby – & # 39; if not more & # 39; – because she is the first female anchor in the 40-year history of the program. A BBC insider told the Daily Mail that Miss Bruce, 54, & # 39; is in no way disadvantaged & # 39; will be compared to Mr. Dimbleby.

Fiona Bruce played hard with BBC bosses to defeat a lucrative pay deal as the new Question Time host, insiders have revealed. Fiona is depicted with Peter Snow and David Dimbleby. She added: "The contracts are different because Fiona is paid directly by the BBC, but Fiona will not be disadvantaged in any way compared to Dimbleby. She is perhaps even a bit better off. The revelations about Miss Bruce's pay package come as DJ Zoe Ball reportedly handed over £ 1.2 million to the BBC to take over Chris Evans as host of the Radio 2 breakfast show next week. Understand the newsreader and Antiques Roadshow presenter did not immediately accept the question time when she was offered it, but stopped while her agent signed a good reward agreement. It is not exactly known how much Mr Dimbleby, 80, earned with the presentation of the panel for current affairs show as contracted by the independent production company Mentorn Media, not the BBC, but it is thought that he got about £ 400,000 per year. Mis Bruce appeared on the BBC's rich list in 2017 with an annual income of up to £ 400,000, but this last year dropped to £ 180,000 when Antiques Roadshow and Fake of Fortune? have moved to BBC Studios. However, her wages for question time will be published this summer because she is paid directly by the BBC.

Zoe Ball goes back to work at the BBC before she took over Chris Evans from the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast ShowSpeaking last week. She said: "I think transparency is a great thing, even if it is uncomfortable. It may be uncomfortable for me, I do not know, in the coming years. The reason that transparency is important is because when you have transparency, it is much more difficult to be in a situation where people are not paid equal or reasonably. She also claimed that she still does not & # 39; Realizes & # 39; how much she is paid due to having different jobs at the BBC. Miss Bruce did not stand up for the Question Time job, but was asked by BBC bosses to audition. The mother of two beat the competition from other stars, including Emily Maitlis, Kirsty Wark, Victoria Derbyshire and Nick Robinson to replace Mr. Dimbleby during auditions late last year. She said that it is "hugely insulting & # 39; is to suggest that she simply got the role because she is a woman. She added: "I thought that all people on that shortlist were brilliant. I did not see any people there, men or women, who should have been there. "Of course, a man could have that job. It is hugely insulting to suggest that I would have gotten the job if a man had been better than me. "Her comments come after Jeremy Clarkson launched a tirade against the BBC and claimed that it is now so politically correct that it is impossible for men to find a job.

The Big Family Cooking Showdown. Presenter Zoe Ball – (C) Voltage TV Productions – Photographer: Andrew Hayes-WatkinsWARNINGHe called Robinson's journey to audition for the Question Time job & # 39; a waste of petrol & # 39; .He said: & # 39; Men simply do not get a job now. They are completely tipped. Honesty, poor old Nick Robinson who goes for an interview for Question Time. What a waste of gasoline that was. No chance he gets it. Anyone who has a scrotum, forget it. Miss Ball has not revealed how much she is going to earn for her Radio 2 job, except that she & # 39; absolutely not the same £ 2 million salary as Mr. Evans. But she has said that she is very happy & # 39; was with the amount – reportedly £ 1.2 million per year. In addition, she would earn a considerable amount for her work on Strictly spin-off show It Takes Two. A BBC spokesperson said Miss Bruce's question hourly salary is being published this year in the company's annual report. A representative for the presenter declined to comment.

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