new record of cases in Italy and France

Worrying regrowth in Europe. Italy, France and the UK suffer the consequences.

The outbreak of coronavirus in Europe is worrying. In the last 24 hours, Italy and France registered a new peak of positive cases since the beginning of the pandemic. In the meantime, infections continue to rise in the UK and it already exceeds 700 thousand.


quarantine Italy
quarantine Italy

The Italian Civil Protection reported this Saturday that a record of 10,952 infections was recorded by coronavirus, in addition to 47 deaths in the last 24 hours. With these figures they add up to a total 36,474 deaths and 402,536 positive cases.

The last record had been recorded on March 21, in what was the first wave of coronavirus when Italy became the epicenter of the pandemic. It is also worth noting that far fewer tests were performed at that time.

The good news is that, unlike the previous peak of cases, the health system has been strengthened and is much less saturated. According to the authorities, there are 6,617 hospitalized patients, of which 705 are in intensive care units.

The most affected regions continue to be Lombardy, with 2,664 new cases, Salerno with 1,410 and Straight, which adds up to 994.


30,000 COVID-19 infections on the eve of the curfew in France (Photo: official twitter of the Eiffel Tower))
30,000 COVID-19 infections on the eve of the curfew in France (Photo: official twitter of the Eiffel Tower))

The French Ministry of Health registered 32,427 infections in the last 24 hours, which means a new record since the start of the pandemic (the last was last Thursday with 30,621). In addition, they reported 90 new deaths.

In this way, the total number of cases rises to 867,197 and 33,392 deaths with a positive rate of 13.1%.

With respect to hospital admissions, the authorities reported 7,198 in the last seven days, of which 1,269 correspond to patients in intensive care.

United Kingdom

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The increase in coronavirus cases in the UK would appear not to abate. According to the Ministry of Health, This Saturday, 16,171 infections were registered compared to 15,650 yesterday, added to 150 deaths in the last 24 hours. The total amounts to 705,428 positive cases and 43,579 deaths.

The worrying situation puts increasing pressure on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has been asked to impose a containment system known as “short circuit”, which consists of a total closure to stop the circulation of the virus.

This measure, proposed by the Labor opposition and medical experts, would serve to prevent the collapse of hospitals, which are already at the limit.

Anyway, Johnson resists the idea and for the moment he chooses to continue with his “three-level” system that aims to place the most affected jurisdictions in local quarantine by COVID19.


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