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This Saturday, October 17, the November issue hits newsstands. In this issue, Especial Joyas, we talk with brave, pioneering and resilient women. Hard as stones, brilliant as diamonds, made to endure.

Helena Bonham Carter He has spent the last two years in the shoes of Princess Margaret and in the new season of ‘The Crown’ he says goodbye to her to start a new life. We spoke with the great British diva about how she has overcome her divorce, how she lives her new courtship, how she educates her children and what future she sees for the British Crown in Boris Johnson’s England.

Jodi Office y Megan Twohey, journalists from The New York Times, uncovered in 2017 the sex abuse scandal of film producer Harvey Weinstein. A Pulitzer Prize winner and three years later, we talked with them about the future of #MeToo and ‘She Said’, the book about their journalistic investigations, a work full of detective scenes and furtive encounters with sources and actresses that Libros del KO will publish in Spain in 2021.

Stella McCartney celebrates its 20th anniversary with ‘The A to Z’, a visual dictionary that summarizes the values ​​of this pioneer of sustainability. The British designer explains why she first got on the train of ethically responsible fashion and why not only does she not plan to get off but is trying to win more and more allies in the luxury industry.

Nicole Kidman He tells us how he has lost his shyness: he wants to laugh, put the drama aside. But they don’t always leave it. We spoke to her on the occasion of her return to television with a new series, The Undoing (on HBO Oct. 26), a thriller about a therapist with a seemingly perfect life in which her co-star is Hugh Grant.

Leonor Watling and Hugo Silva They are an ex-partner in the midst of the crisis of the 40s in their new series, ‘Nasdrovia’. They tell us how they passed it and how they are living this 2020.

Ana de Armas has a starring role in ‘No Time to Die’, the next Bond installment, in which she plays a CIA agent who travels to Cuba with the spy. We talked about what it was like to shoot with Daniel Craig.

Tracey Emin, the most transgressive of the Young British Artists, tells us in a world premiere how she has overcome a cancer that has completely changed her way of approaching art.

And also: we review the trends in down jackets and knitwear, the two indispensable for the winter that is already beginning to appear, we review the fragrances that will set the accent in the season and we analyze the phenomenon of the Tik Tok mansions.

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