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In recent weeks the life of Isabel Pantoja has taken a radical turn. The artist’s personal situation is very different from how it has always been since she is estranged from her son, Kiko Rivera. The DJ accuses his mother of having cheated on him, he has asked that Paquirri’s inheritance be reviewed to verify that his last wishes have been fulfilled and he considers that things will never be the same between them. However, in the midst of these difficult moments, the tonadillera also has important professional reasons to toast. It has just presented through its official website a new theme called The world, what belonging to Songs that I like, his latest album, which is the 41st of his long artistic career.



The entire repertoire that includes Isabel’s new album, who turned 64 years old in August, is not yet known, but the brushstrokes that she has shown so far have penetrated deeply among her most loyal audiences. The pre-sale of the limited edition of Songs that I like whose cover has been signed by the artist herself, has been sold out in a short time. A very positive news that he thanked on social networks, where at the end of October he shared the shocking cover of this studio album that can be heard in full on Friday, November 27 and which also includes a book with photos of his life. It is an image in which Anabel Pantoja’s aunt puts aside her most folkloric image to offer a very sensual pose, with bare shoulders and her mane covered in orchids, a flower that he also holds in his hands.

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Teresa Rivera assures that Paquirri wanted to separate from Isabel Pantoja
– That’s how he counted HELLO! the love story of Isabel Pantoja and Paquirri

This return to work by Isabel, which comes after three years of musical absence – in 2017 she published a compilation called So it was, my best songs-, also coincides with his new television facet. It should be remembered that currently is part of the jury of Idol Kids, a children’s musical contest in which the tonadillera has been excited, has sung, hugged and laughed with younger talents. Previously in 2019, he showed his braver and more adventurous side in Survivors, where he enjoyed diving, fishing and living with some colleagues who have become part of the family, such as Omar Montes.

Isabel Pantoja’s position in the controversy

To face the media storm in which she is immersed, the interpreter of such well-known topics as Sailor of lights, Today I want to confess O Happy francisco has chosen discretion. Sources close to Isabel have assured the magazine HOLA! in the number that is currently for sale in the kiosks that are afraid that something will happen to her because she is “fatal, sunk, it is difficult for her to breathe”. For them, it is against human nature for a son to do this to his mother for money. The only words that the tonadillera has uttered about the situation she is experiencing has been the statement that her lawyers sent – to which our magazine had first access – defending and denying point by point the falsehoods made against her.

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When HELLO! was in Cantora, Isabel Pantoja’s refuge


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