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Edgar Wright, the darling of many cinema fans, will adapt the dystopian novel “The Running Man”. However, he will stick much closer to Stephen King’s book than was the case in the 80s film adaptation.

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Edgar Wright, known for “Shaun Of The Dead” and “Baby Driver”, loves cinema in all its diversity. In interviews he shines with an enthusiastically presented knowledge of more or less known film pearls and obscure horror films. In 2017 he was asked which film he would like to reprint if he could choose one. The answer was of all things: “The Running Man”.

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Now the sci-fi actioner “The Running Man” has his own fan base with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but is neither a great classic nor an absolute insider tip and is not one of the very best representatives of his genre. But perhaps it is precisely this latter circumstance that has stimulated Edgar Wright to shoot his own, better “Running Man” – which he now actually has the chance to do.

Like the industry magazine Deadline Reported exclusively, Edgar Wright is to direct a new adaptation of the dystopian sci-fi novel published by Stephen King and the pseudonym Richard Bachman.

Closer to the novel than before

Edgar Wright will write the script for “Running Man” with Michael Bacall, an actor and writer Wright has known for a long time (they wrote the script for “Scott Pilgrim” together).

Like it at Deadline that is, Wright’s “Running Man” film is said to be much closer to the novel than Paul Michael Glaser’s Arnie actioner was.

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Stephen King’s book is set in 2025 when the world economy is down and the US has become a totalitarian state. Protagonist Ben Richards can’t find work. His sick daughter Cathy urgently needs medication. While Ben’s wife Sheila works as a prostitute, he signs up for a brutal television show. In the show “The Running Man” Ben has to flee from the station’s killers – and somehow survive.

Edgar Wright’s latest feature film, the horror thriller “Last Night in Soho”, like so many other films, should have been shown in theaters long ago. The current German cinema release is scheduled for November 11, 2021.

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