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Eating habits that are indispensable for creating a healthy body, relieving hungersnackAlsoHealthyWhat you want to choose.Japan-France tradeWill be released fromEnglandGuild fromfreeTipSuEat Real(EatRealFrom, a new work has appeared! lensMade from beans“Lentil”seriesAnd assorted 3 typesMultiPack 5 ”etclineAdded to Nap.HealthyYet delicious, the secret is all newReviewLet’s deliver with!

Vegan-friendly chips brand “Eat Real”

Eat Real(EatReal)」Isyear 2013ToEnglandWas born inTipSubrandso,simplesoRealToconceptMade insnackSweets are popular.SuchbrandIs the importer and seller ofJapan-France tradeCo., Ltd.TokyoChiyoda Ward).Matchmaking that delivers high-quality products from all over the world to JapanManufacturerIs.

Stan in JapandirtNaTipSpeaking of materialspotatoBut the samebrandIs a bit different.The material is quinoacornChickpeas, Rice etc. are usedHealthyIt is characterized by being healthy.In addition, the product is glutenfreeVegan compatible!AnimalRaw materialsCertified by the Vegan Society without any usemarkIt is attached.

Although,flyTipAfter eating the whole bag, it comes in an instantSense of guiltWhencalorieIt’s a calculation …SweetsI want to eat, but I’m also worried about my health … I would like to recommend this spring’s new product to such people.

“LentilTipSu ”series

lensMade from beans“LentilTipSu ”(Contents 40g, all 3 types, suggested retail priceopenprice·2021New release in March)Is glutenfree& New for veganseries.. You can enjoy the deliciousness as it is without using artificial chemical flavors, coloring agents, or preservatives.There are 3 flavors, and it has a moderate saltiness.lensBrings out the taste of beans“CSaltDillRich taste with the flavor of“CreamyDillsnackUnusual for sweetsmangomintThat’s right.

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This time, the rare “mangomintMaineLet’s try it right away …!

“” Using lentilsLentil“series

This is my first timefruitsWhensnackSince the combination of sweets is rare, expectations are high for what kind of taste it will have.


packageWhen you openFruityA feeling of exhilaration that goes through your nose!For a moment, sweetcurryI thought it was a flavor.

TipSu is a littlesquareForm close to. Easy to eat with a length of about 3 cm and a width of about 3.5 cm.Black pepperEtc.spicesAlso seems to be attached.

When I try to eat a bite … This mellow scent,mangoThat’s right.lensWith the lightness of beansspicesThe spiciness and saltiness of the dish are exquisite!Rich sweetness that overlaps with the scent … This is an adultsnackmaybe.

mintBecause the scent of is fluffymintEven people who are not good at eating it will be able to eat it.mangoButsnackTo be a candy … this isSweetsI want to tell my favorite person!


continuenamingFrom No. 1StandardI have a feeling that “SeaSalt』。TipThe color of the su itselflensThe beans themselves, the original taste of the beans and the moderate saltiness are delicious!This issimple is best, Light and comfortable to eatForeverIt seems to continue.


seriesThe last is “CreamyDill』.Jump in firstcreamFor richness, sourness, and rich tasteplusTo doHerbsofDillFits.The mellow tastewineIt seems to suit.

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“Multi Pack 5” with 3 flavors

Also,brandIf you enjoy at a great priceMultiPack 5 ”(Contents 116g / hummusTipSusaworkReam &Chai25g x 2 lentilsTipSushiSalt 22g x 2 quinoa chips drytomatoLoinTogarlic 22g×1)・openprice·2021New release in March)Is also recommended.

MultiPack 5 ”

New works of “Quinoa Chips Paprika” and “Hummus Chips Creamy Dill” are also available!

“Quinoa Chipspaprika


Besides, I joined the group in March this year.“Quinoa Chipspaprika』(Content volume 30g・openprice)OrChickpeasMade from rice, etc.“KhumsTipCreamyDill』(The content is 45g・openprice)Only flavors you can’t miss …!

A wide variety of healthy chips

This time, “EatRealThe reporter fully enjoyed the charm of “, but what surprised me wasmangoright.That rich sweetness is lightHealthysnackI never thought it would be.

All the flavors were delicious,ChildSeaSaltTo adultsmangoOrtomatoLoinTogarlicI think you can enjoy it even if you divide it into generations.

snackConfectioneryHealthyTo taste healthyWowEnjoy with people and sakeSweetsPerfect for anyone looking for! Sense of guiltZero GuildfreeTipSu “Eat”Real“so,HealthyNasnackStart a habit.
Imported food storesonline shopIt can be purchased at.

New to British-born Guilt-free chips! Healthy snacks such as “Lentil” series and “Multipack 5” join the “Eat Real” series!


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