COUNC's councilors said they would closely monitor the fledgling University of Hereford to ensure its success and avoid any damage to the reputation of the Herefordshire Council.

The local authority is the lead agency for the new technology and engineering model, which is expected to welcome its first students in January next year.

The council is supporting the project and recently acted as underwriter for a recent loan of £ 850,000 from the Partnership for Local Marche Companies, intended for the purchase by the University of the old building. Robert Owen Academy located on Blackfriars Street.

But advisers are only too aware of the financial difficulties faced by the country's educational institutions and believe that careful consideration will help to prevent such problems at the local level.

At a recent meeting of the Audit and Governance Committee, Chair Nigel Shaw requested that the progress of the university be regularly reviewed by the advisors.

"The issue of NMiTE is closely followed by the general public," he said. "It interests them a lot, as do all the council members.

"I very much appreciate that this is a rapidly evolving field where several milestones need to be met in order for the Department of Education funding to continue.

"I would very much like the committee to request that this topic be brought back to the agenda at the present time, while the interest is so palpable for the new academic opportunity.

"We also have a reputational risk associated with this and keeping it on the agenda would be cautious.

Councilor Yolande Watson stated that she was pleased to hear this suggestion because many concerns had been raised about the university at the previous meeting.

Councilor Bob Matthews said: "The fact that many universities across the country are heavily indebted, you will agree, it is very important that we closely monitor the expenditures for which we have the responsibility. general responsibility to ensure that they are spent properly. .

"Otherwise, I hope it is not the case, but we could find this university trying to progress, also finding itself in financial trouble."

The Council of Herefordshire accepted in December 2017 to become the body responsible for the public funds allocated to the new University of Hereford during its phase of establishment.