New update to Office for iPad in January 2021

Now you can work with two spreadsheets at the same time

With this update made by Microsoft now, if you are an Excel user, you will have the ability to work with two spreadsheets at the same time, since the Split View function is now compatible with Microsoft Excel. Therefore, you can have two different spreadsheets on the screen to work with both at the same time.

To use Split View in Excel, you just have to touch and hold a document in any view and drag it to the left or right, depending on where you want to place it, now, if you want to stop using Split View, you have to drag the control slider in the middle of both windows and drag it left or right.

A coach to improve your presentations?

Yes, that’s exactly what Microsoft has included in the new PowerPoint update for iPadOS. Now you will be able to train your presentation skills thanks to the fact that Microsoft PowerPoint has a Presenter Trainer that will offer you comments on the aspects you have to take into account to improve your presentation, such as rhythm, tone, filler words or sensitive phrases . A very interesting improvement and one that will surely come in handy for many users.

Trackpad fully comes to Word

trackpad ipad

Finally, let’s talk about Microsoft Word, undoubtedly one of the most famous applications in the world. While it is true that there is some other text editor for iPad with good popularity, this is in the end one of the most used. With this update, Microsoft has finally provided full support to the iPadOS trackpad controls, something that Apple already introduced in iPadOS 13.4 but that Microsoft has taken a little longer to bring to Word. Therefore, now you can use any keyboard with an independent trackpad, mouse or trackpad with the famous Microsoft Word, something that, sure, many iPad users celebrate since they have accessories or tools that give the iPad tremendous potential but that Until today, they could not take advantage of one of the most used applications in the world for text editing such as Word.

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