Leading Brexite player John Redwood is one of the three MPs who have won the New Year's honors list just a few weeks before the commons vote on Theresa May's Brexit deal.

Redwood was among the ministers of the Eurosceptic Cabinet, who were described by former Prime Minister Sir John Major as "bastards" for undermining in 1993 the Maastricht Treaty, which had helped to found the European Union.

The most conservative member of parliament, along with Tory's former minister Gary Streeter and Labor's deputy chief Alan Campbell, has been ennobled on a list honoring celebrities, community leaders and heroes of the 2017 terrorist attacks.

Redwood's honor was demanded by claiming that Ms. May dangled "one or two knights in front of MEPs" in support of her Brexit deal, which is scheduled to be voted on in January.

There was a dispute over the Prime Minister's decision to award a knighthood to the Eurosceptic veteran John Hayes in June – bringing the total number of MPs honored since Ms. May came to power to 13.

There has been much controversy over the past year when four Tory MPs – all of whom supported Leave's support during the 2016 referendum – received knighthood or convicts.

These included Graham Brady, chairman of the powerful Backbench Committee of 1922, who played a crucial role when his conservative fellow citizens finally launched a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister.

To reassure followers of his beliefs, Lord sat down redwood published a blog days before the tribute: "Eight things are wrong in the resignation agreement".

The former banker, who headed the Downing Street division under Margaret Thatcher, said the knighthood was "a great honor."

An early supporter of a referendum on Europe, sir Redwood, 67, has fought for a clean break from the EU, which should be "quick and easy".

However, Liberal Democrat Layla Moran said:brings honor to the honor system ".

"I can not see how it is other than a desperate attempt to suppress the criticism of the prime minister's Brexit deal by dangling a knight or two before the deputies," said the "Best for Britain" supporter.

"It all happens just a few weeks before the critical Brexit vote."

Mr Streeter, 63, who voted Remain in 2016, has spoken out in favor of the prime minister's Brexit deal.

The former minister, representing Plymouth Sutton since 1992 and South West Devon since 1997, said, "I am very honored.

"As far as I'm concerned, I want to dedicate the award to my wife and family, who have been supporting me through the last quarter of a century in Westminster that has sacrificed their victims."

Long-time Labor whip Mr. Campbell also received a knighthood, which he welcomed in recognition of his work in his constituency of Tynemouth.

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Honoring Whitehall included a knighthood for Roy Stone after more than 40 years in government service under seven prime ministers and a CBE for Deputy Secretary-General of Mrs. May, William Macfarlane.

Around 70 percent of the prizes were awarded to people who have done an excellent job in or for their local community.

But there are also many famous names, including a lady hat for model, actress and singer Twiggy, and chivalry for record-breaking former English cricket captain Alastair Cook and award-winning author Philip Pullman.

In the meantime, Downing Street announced Friday that senior Tories Sir Edward Leigh, Sir Roger Gale, and former Secretary Philip Dunne have been appointed to the Privy Council, an administrative body that advises the Queen.

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