New York prosecutor appoints special counsel to investigate Trump finances

If former President Donald Trump thought his legal troubles ended with acquittal in the Capitol process, he was wrong.

Investigations at the New York State Southern United States Attorney’s Office, which covers the island of Manhattan, continue to deepen. Now they have a new protagonist: an experienced lawyer, a former federal prosecutor for more details, with long experience in prosecuting white collar crimes. Indeed, Mark F. Pomerantz has just been appointed as a special counsel and has joined the investigative team of New York City Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.

Vance’s investigation focuses on potential bank and tax fraud, including on issues such as whether the Trump Organization misled lenders like Deutsche Bank and local tax authorities about the value of their properties in order to obtain loans and tax benefits.

Mark Pomerantz, in a photo from 2008. | Photo: AP (File)

Trump has always said he did nothing wrong and has long criticized the investigation, calling it a “witch hunt” for political reasons. In recent months, Vance’s office has expanded the investigation to a number of Trump property and financial transactions, including Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, several of the mogul’s hotels, and the Seven Springs estate in County California. Westchester.

At the same time, prosecutors on Vance’s team await a decision from the United States Supreme Court that could give them access to Trump’s tax returns. They have interviewed multiple witnesses and issued more than a dozen new subpoenas, including one of Trump’s top lenders, Ladder Capital, dijeron a The New York Times sources with knowledge of the matter.

Investigators are also looking for clues as to whether Trump’s companies laundered Russian funds through Deutsche Bank. A few months ago, the prosecution had access to documents from Deutsche Bank itself, which apparently provided indications in this regard.

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A few weeks ago, bank employees testified in Vance’s office about the bank’s relationship with the Trump Organization, the newspaper said.

Trump’s tax returns are essential in evaluating his fortune, deductions and the real value of his properties. Last year the New York newspaper revealed that in one of the fiscal years the former president had paid just $ 175, which it claimed as a result of reductions in authorized deductions. Some correspond to fees for consulting work provided by his daughter Ivanka Trump.

The Trump Organization released some of those records last month, although prosecutors have questioned the honesty of the gesture and the data provided.

In addition to the Manhattan investigation, Georgia prosecutors are looking at Trump’s effort to persuade local officials to reverse the results of the presidential election in that state.

Prosecutor Vance has not accused Trump of wrongdoing.It is unclear if he will, as his term ends in January 2022.

Pomerantz, 69, was sworn in earlier this month to serve as an assistant special district attorney, according to Danny Frost, a spokesman for the prosecutor. He will only work on the Trump investigation.

Hiring a outsider It’s a highly unusual move for the prosecution, but the two-and-a-half-year investigation into the former president and his family business is unusually complex. Vance, whose office has made some mistakes in other white-collar crime cases, had already hired FTI, a large consulting firm, to help analyze Trump’s financial records.

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