New York Times reveals: Trump used the presidency to profit

A report reveals how US President Donald Trump has abused his power to funnel millions of dollars into family coffers.

An investigation carried out by the American newspaper The New York Times revealed on Saturday that more than 200 companies, interest groups and foreign governments invested a million in the properties of the US president, reporting huge profits.

According to the report, once Trump arrived at the White House, his family business discovered a lucrative new source of income: people who wanted something from the president. In fact, the activities of almost a quarter of these users were unknown to date, the publication adds.

The New York Times found that 60 of these clients contributed nearly $ 12 million to Trump’s family business during the first two years of his tenure, while nearly all of them saw their interests heightened in some way at the hands of Trump or of your Government.

These facts are known despite the fact that the New York tycoon, as president-elect, had pledged to stay out of the Trump Organization and to eradicate corruption and abuse of power. For that reason, he handed over the management of his businesses to two of his sons, Eric and Donald Jr., but he still benefits from it.

To support its claims, the US newspaper said its investigation was based on interviews with 250 different sources, including Trump managers and lobbyists, club members and employees, as well as past and current government officials.

The White House tenant had previously been accused of abuse of power in an investigation that revealed the Republican leader’s attempts to get Ukrainian authorities to investigate former vice president and Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden, but the Senate shelved this case in February.

What’s more, at the end of last July, the US Campaign Legal Center accused Trump’s election campaign of money laundering. The federal complaint states that the current president’s campaign personnel and their families are named in the 82-page complaint filed by the center, and are accused of laundering nearly $ 170 million.

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