While Labor's official position is to secure a Brexit in which Britain remains in the Customs Union and maintains a close relationship with the Single Market, there are many MPs and grass root members who strongly oppose any form of Brexit. Several shadow ministers told The Guardian that they are ready to resign instead of voting against a pro-referendum amendment at the end of the month. In just six weeks before the exit day on March 29, Mr. Corbyn struggles to keep his party together.

Set in a nightly session chaired by Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer, the party's policy states that if a parliamentary election is not secured, "the work must support all options that remain on the table, including the Campaign for a public vote. "

It said: "If the government is confident in negotiating an agreement that would benefit working people, our economy and our communities, they should not be afraid to make this agreement public."

After months and years of pure contradiction over Brexit, the government and the Labor leadership finally started a conversation.

This happened after the Prime Minister's deal failed in the Commons last month, the government's biggest defeat in history.

Mr Corbyn wrote a letter to Theresa May last week outlining the Brexit Lab target. The Prime Minister reacted and contradicted his arguments.

In addition, high-ranking Labor representatives met ministers on Tuesday.

Mr. Starmer and Shadow Cabinet Minister Jon Trickett and Corbyn's advisors Seumas Milne and Andrew Fisher met with Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay and Cabinet Secretary David Lidington.

A Labor spokesman said, "Keir Starmer and Kohn Strickett had an open and serious exchange with Stephen Barclay and David Lidington after Jeremy Corbyn's five demands for Theresa May.

"Starmer and Trickett formulated Labor's five demands for the government to change their red lines."

However, Ms May continues to reject the opposition's proposal to remain in the Customs Union.

Remainers wishing to cancel Brexit hope that a second referendum could bring them the desired outcome.

Many see the Shadow Brexit Secretary as an ally who hopes that he will work for the cause in the Shadow Cabinet.

MEPs Phil Wilson and Peter Kyle drafted an amendment seeking Parliament's approval of an agreement subject to public approval – the same mechanism used in the Good Friday Agreement.