Jose Mourinho claims he is upset over the referees' lack of agreement after Liverpool beat Manchester City on Sunday.

Liverpool defeated City in Anfield 3-1 thanks to goals from Fabinho, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane.

Bernardo Silva retired 3-0 for the hosts, but it was not enough to make a dramatic comeback.

There was controversy surrounding Fabinho's inauguration when City thought they had to score a penalty before Liverpool attacked and hit.

The ball hit Trent Alexander-Arnold, right-back of the Reds, on the arm, but VAR was of the opinion that he was not in an unnatural position.

City boss Pep Guardiola was in the decision outraged and made clear his feelings to referee Michael Oliver after the game.

Jose Mourinho says the worst part of the decision is that there would have been a penalty on another day.

"I think we talked enough about it and I think the main issue is just consistency," Mourinho said of Sky Sports.

"That's what really upset me in the game, and at the moment it's not a penalty on a weekend, and it's going to be a penalty next week." That's the key point for me.

"The game was so good and there is so much to talk about the game that I think enough is enough."

Mourinho admits that Manchester City could have prevented Fabinho's goal, but praised Liverpool's ability in the counterattack.

"Yes of course [City could have prevented the goal]There is no doubt about that, "he added.

"And I think everyone knows how strong Liverpool is in these situations, everyone knows how he plays and how he manages to leave Salah and Mane only in privileged positions for those transitions. Everyone knows the positions he likes to attack, and you see the way. You score both goals, the second and the third.

"City is too good to cry over an incident for a week now, they should also focus on the game, which could make them better."