News of the day: Markus Söder rushes forward on the “Star Wars” day, Corona, Bill Gates, NSU 2.0

1. Power issues

May the 4th be with you: A good friend wishes me a happy “Star Wars” day today and sends me a photo with the “Starship Enterprise” emblazoned on it. He knows, of course, that there are few things that annoy me more than when someone confuses “Star Trek” and “Star Wars”. I’m stricter than Markus Söder. It seems just as flexible in terms of pop culture as it is politically. “I’m a big science fiction fan: ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Wars’. The two go together, by the way, is not an exclusion, “the but-not-chancellor candidate claimed times.

His Corona-Politics staged South with the means of the latest “Star Wars” sequels – little new in terms of content, but louder, more booming, better effects, as we can see again today. “The federal government can hurry up as it wants – Söder is always where you want to go in Berlin,” says my colleague Sebastian Fischer, head of our capital city office. Contrary to the original plan, the easing for vaccinated people will not come until the end of May, but the ordinance should be passed this week by the Bundestag and Bundesrat, the Federal Cabinet approved the plans today. So that the first people in Germany outside of Bavaria will have many of their old freedoms back by the weekend. Söder was a tad faster: In Bayern is that valid Freedom package from Thursday for those who have completely recovered from corona diseases, who have been twice vaccinated and who have tested negative. “The Söder state is two days faster than Germany – the show must go on,” says Sebastian.

At the end of April, when the federal-state vaccination summit did not take a concrete decision to return the rights of freedom to vaccinated and convalescent people, Söder recognized the gap, rushed forward and unceremoniously lifted the compulsory test for vaccinated people in Bavaria. »Other federal states also didn’t want to wait for the federal government – why was it even hesitant? – and did it like Söder, «says Sebastian. “Only: Söder staged the number the best.” Whether he thinks Han Solo or Luke Skywalker better, Söder once became asked by the »Donaukurier«. Söder’s answer: “Han Solo, because he was a bit rascal.” The power, however, as every “Star Wars” fan knows, is with Luke.

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2. Threatened, brutalized

Alexander Horst M. is the name of the man who may be behind the «NSU 2.0« plugged. The three letters and two numbers stood under more than a hundred threatening letters. The recipients of the messages included the Frankfurt lawyer Seda Başay-Yıldız, the cabaret artist İdil Baydar and today’s Left Party leader Janine Wissler. Not only were the threats disturbing in themselves, but also that someone was using data from police computers. Within the security authorities, officials had joined forces on behalf of the right-wing extremist terrorist group To spread fear and horror? A special investigator started work, officials were suspended, but the case was not resolved. (More here.)

Now the investigators searched Alexander M.’s apartment and arrested him “on the open computer,” as it was called. He is not a police officer, but a skilled worker for electronic data processing and has been unemployed for many years – and with many criminal records: for dangerous bodily harm, fraud, forgery, receiving stolen goods, threats, insults, defamation, possession of child pornography and forgery.

“The police went to great lengths to track down the alleged perpetrator,” says my colleague Jörg Diehl. “But only at a time when many of those affected had sought their way into the public eye and the political pressure in this case had become massive. Many other victims of threats no one talks about are too often left on their own. “

Alt + F4

You will have noticed: Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced. All good and half good Jokes are made about it. The two will probably split up their fortune now. My colleague Hanna Zobel explains why marriage contracts help in such a case – even for couples without billions. And my colleague Birte Bredow put together the pictures of this marriage.

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What else is important today

  • Curevac vaccine endangered by US blockade of raw materials: The vaccine from Curevac should soon further boost the German vaccination campaign. However, according to SPIEGEL information, the US government is preventing the export of urgently needed materials. The federal government should now help.

  • The world is heading for a temperature rise of 2.4 degrees by 2100: The Climate Action Tracker feeds climate data from many countries into a model and forecasts the course of global warming. The latest calculations show a bleak picture.

  • Seehofer sees “brutal tendencies” in Germany: The number of politically motivated crimes increased significantly in 2020, with more than half of the crimes committed by right-wing extremists. According to Interior Minister Seehofer, they pose the greatest threat.

  • Mourinho is the new head coach at AS Roma: José Mourinho has a new coaching job: two weeks after his release from Tottenham, AS Roma announced the Portuguese will sign. He could play in the Conference League with Roma.

A note on our own behalf: Republic 21

Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 5, at 5 p.m., our colleagues will speak from the SPIEGEL project Republic 21 im SPIEGEL Q+A Live on Instagram about how Germany can become more just. They look forward to your questions:

What we recommend today at SPIEGEL +

  • “The insurance industry benefits more than the people from the Riester pension”: Zero points for the GroKo: Klaus Müller, head of the Federation of German Consumer Organizations, on the federal government’s failure to reorganize private pension provision.

  • How a nephew of Sophie Scholl exploits the legacy of the »White Rose«: Julian Aicher appears at the “lateral thinkers”, Jörg Hartnagel speaks out against the abuse of history – both are nephews of Sophie Scholl. How the memory of an icon of the resistance divides a family.

  • How good will the summer be – this year it’s a question of existence: Will it work with the summer vacation? The answer to this question is not only important for many citizens, it is crucial for the fate of the travel industry. For many companies, it is the last hope.

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  • Wannabe-Comeback: The Spice Girls, one of the less bad memories of the nineties, are planning a continuation of their, well, comedy film »Spice World«, as reported by the British tabloid »The Sun«. The band has therefore turned to a “renowned screenwriter”, 25 years after the first performance, the second part is to start next year. “Ginger Spice” Geri Horner, 48, initiated the project. Both Melanie C, 47, and Emma Bunton, 45, and Mel B, 45, are involved. Victoria Beckham, 47, has not canceled yet.

Typo of the day, meanwhile corrected: “A bearded chicken is standing in the middle of the stage and cheering frenetically.”

Cartoon of the Tages: Climate protection

And tonight?

Even if you have the feeling that you have seen all the black and white classics in film history in the past few months, you could still make a discovery in the Arte media library: “Encounter” is the simple title of an early, small one David-Lean-Films, which was created shortly before the end of the Second World War. It’s the story of an adultery in your mind, it’s about normal people with normal marriages in normal suburbs – and that’s precisely why the film touches you. David Leans (“The Bridge on the Kwai”, “Doctor Zhivago”, “Journey to India”) has a penchant for dramatically wide eyes and smoking locomotives. And the music of Sergei Rachmaninoff. Check out the film here.

A lovely evening. Heartily
Yours Oliver Trenkamp

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