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Currently, some convicted terrorists can be automatically released halfway through their sentence, although they still remain a threat to the public. But new government emergency legislation would end automatic early release.

The automatic early release ban would be for current prisoners of terror, and the Word Boards would allow them to be released early in the two-thirds of their sentence.

However, now a report from a committee of colleagues has called for new emergency legislation to be stopped, allowing offenders to continue to be authorized for early release.

According to The Sun, the constitutional committee of the House of Lords asked that the new terror laws be archived until the end of the year, in order to have more time to analyze them.

The report suggests that Word Boards should have the power to block early release.

But government insiders are unhappy with the report and said they need the new legislation to be approved to make sure that six prisoners of terror are not released to the streets by the end of next month.

Amendments to the legislation risk that the government will not meet the deadline to be added to the law by Thursday.

Thursday is also the day before the next terrorist prisoner is freed thanks to early release.

The new law will also prevent five other potentially dangerous terrorists from being automatically released by the end of next month.

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The report of the Constitutional Committee of the House of Lords stated: “The bill not only subjects the release of terrorist prisoners to the Commission’s assessment of words, but also delays the point at which such an assessment can take place, from halfway to two-thirds of the route. through a sentence.

“The Committee wonders whether it is necessary to include this extension of the time when terrorist prisoners will serve as part of this accelerated bill, rather than the next counterterrorism bill that the government has said it will introduce.

“The requirement for a word committee assessment should be sufficient to ensure that prisoners who continue to pose a risk to the public are not released early.”

One of these terrorists who will be released on Friday is Mohammad Zahir Khan.

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Khan, a Sunderland shopkeeper, was jailed for four and a half years in May 2018 for posting IS messages and support material on social media.

In the past, he served long sentences in the past for drug offenses.

He moved away from his hometown of Birmingham to the northeast to break away from the gangs.

Emergency legislation was passed by the municipalities two weeks ago following the brutal violent wave of the convicted terrorist Sudesh Amman in Streatham in south London.

The attack took place a few days after the early release of Amman from prison.

The 20-year-old had been jailed for possession and distribution of terrorist documents in December 2018.

But he was automatically released in the middle of his sentence.

There are five other terrorists expected to be released in March, including Barnet’s Mohammed Ghani, Manchester’s Jamshed Javeed, Northwest London’s Mohammed Khilji, Oldham’s Atiq Ahmed and the British “youngest terrorist” known only as RXG.

The youngest terrorist was convicted in 2015 for plotting to murder police officers in Australia.

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