Neymar loses PSG game after partying with a rib injury | Football

Neymar will miss the Paris Saint-Germain Ligue 1 game away to Nantes due to a rib injury, 48 hours after celebrating his 28th birthday in a night club in Paris.

He played all 90 minutes on Saturday, when Thomas Tuchel’s side beat Montpellier 5-0 but needed treatment in the first half.

Neymar will now miss Tuesday’s meeting and his manager has admitted that preparing for the tournament was not ideal with several PSG players out with the Brazilian on Sunday night in a venue near the Eiffel Tower.

Tuchel said, “Is this the best way to prepare for a game? No, clearly not. Is it the worst thing in the world? No. I always protect my players and really love my team. With this party I accept that it is a bit difficult to protect the players, but the context is not simply black or white.

“It’s a shame because we’re giving people the opportunity to speak ill of us. We have to adapt to the situation, but I won’t leave a player on the bench or at home because they went out and celebrated. “

With Neymar out of the game, the burden will be on Kylian Mbappé, who was involved in a heated discussion with Tuchel over the weekend. The Frenchman was replaced in the second half by Mauro Icardi and showed his frustration with the PSG manager on the touch line.

“There is nothing personal between him and me. These things happen, ”added Tuchel. “It was between a player who didn’t want to go out and a manager who had his reasons for doing something and who wanted to give a game to the players who deserved it.”


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