Neymar was booked for attempting a rainbow hit in the 5-0 demolition of PSG Montpellier

A furious Neymar blew up referee Jerome Brisard for booking him for his sensational 5-0 show in Paris Saint-Germain over Montpellier.

PSG was leading 1-0 at the time and the 27-year-old Brazilian superstar decided to bring out a moment of magic against two Montpellier players.

Neymar, who was heavily tied to a move away from PSG last summer, received the ball from a throw-in and was closed by two players near the corner flag.

The PSG attacker attempted to make a rainbow shot over one of the players’ heads, only to bounce the offside ball from the rebound.

Neymar continued his showboating when he made a long ball back on his left back, only to produce a weak spot.

The referee was unhappy with Neymar’s antics on the pitch and warned the Brazilian not long after his rainbow shooting.

However, Brisard therefore continued to book Neymar for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Tensions started in the tunnel halfway while the Brazilian international vented his frustrations against PSG teammate Marco Verratti.

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Credit: PA
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“I play soccer and show me a yellow card! Tell him he can’t give me a yellow card,” Neymar said to his teammate.

Brisard replied to Neymar saying “Be patient”.

But the referee’s comments only angered the Brazilian attacker, who replied: “Be patient … My a ** e”.

Furious fans also spilled over to social media and slammed the referee’s decision to book Neymar for the showboating.

Neymar continued to show his frustration off the pitch when he replied to Brisard on his Instagram page.

He wrote in a message to his 132 million followers: “I play football.”

Goals from Pablo Sarabia, Angel Di Maria, Daniel Congre, Kylian Mbappe and Layvin Kurzawa scored a 5-0 victory over Montpellier for nine men.


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