Neymar’s charge to Boca and Paredes: what had they bet?

The illusion of getting a Copa Libertadores de América it faded as the minutes passed. Boca Juniors fell crashing before Santos and was beaten 3-0 on his visit to Brazil, putting an end to the cupbearer’s dream. The loaded ones were present in the social networks, both the fans of River and those of Independiente enjoyed Xeneize for the poor performance. But along with the usual chicanas, who stayed throughout the night, a surprise appeared: that of Neymar Junior, after becoming champion of the French Super Cup.

Santa María’s business with Clarín and Cambiemos

The Brazilian star, who scored 2-1 to give Paris Saint Germain a new title, posted a video on social media to mock the Ribera club. Not because he had something against the La Boca team but because he emerged and made a large part of his career at Santos. “I wanted to leave a message for my friend Leo Paredes, you owe me a dinner, see you”He said with a big smile and a mocking laugh, celebrating the win. It should be remembered that the Argentine team midfielder is a Boca fan and emerged in the lower ranks.

His arrival at Fish It was in 2003, where he began to take his first steps in the youth academy. He made his official debut in 2009, at just 17 years old and quickly became one of the great figures of the team. He quickly began to be compared to Robinho and even the legend, Pelé. Offers came from West Ham, Chelsea and Real Madrid but he was always focused on Santos. In addition, during 2011, he was the great figure of the Liberators cup. He was one of the top scorers and one of the keys, scoring a goal in the final vs. Peñarol, to give Santos their third continental conquest.

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Beyond the shared video, this was not the only thing Neymar wrote through Instagram during the match. After Yeferson Soteldo’s 2-0, he threw euphoric and uncontrolled: “Soteldinho, Come on Peixe! What a great goal!” While at the end he shared a story, with the 3-0 imposed, making gestures and laughing at the victory. “Full day today: Paris champion and Peixe in the final,” he said. At the moment, the Argentine midfielder did not respond to him and was shown in networks celebrating the title won with PSG.

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